Why You Need Underlay for Carpets?

underlay for carpets

​In the world today, things keep advancing in all sectors. Houses are built with different designs and the flooring is different as well. To maintain the floor in the house, one has to be very careful with whatever passes over or on it.

That is where a carpet comes in. Stepping on bare floor can be quite uncomfortable given it is cold and maybe uneven. For that reason, having a carpet on the floor provides comfort underfoot and prevents possible damage on impact occurring on the floor.

Having a carpet requires maintenance and therefore, a carpet underlay or rug pad is ideal to be placed beneath the carpet.  A carpet underlay is the best companion for your floor and carpet and this is why.

​Underfoot Comfort

The floor surface is hard and uncomfortable to walk on without the aid of slippers or shoes. When a carpet underlay is installed in the room, a cushioning effect is felt when you walk on the floor. This is because, a carpet underlay is a pad made of foam or rubber material that provides extra thickness when laid on the floor. The underfoot feels comfortable to walk on a floor that has underlayment.

underfoot comfort

​Noise Insulation

​In a room where the floor type is made of wood or it’s laminated, walking on it produces noise as the sound of tapping feet is heard loudly. An underlayment reduces the noise in the room and also reduces the level of noise reached in other rooms below or adjacent. For instance, if you want to throw a party, noise production is guaranteed. When you have a carpet underlay, you will have little to worry about because the sound produced, let’s say from the music, will hardly be heard by the neighbors. Those living in flats and upstairs can really benefit from having a carpet underlay.

​Thermal Insulation

​Carpet underlays when installed in the house provide excellent thermal resistance qualities. When the floor is insulated with carpet underlay, it becomes warm up on stepping. Soon the whole room becomes warmer when the outside is cold because the carpet underlays have high heat retaining capability. This helps to cut back on hefty energy bills because, normally, when the house gets colder, we tend to get heat from heaters which use electricity. And also, a carpet underlay prevents loss of heat through the floor.


safety carpet underlay

When water spills on the floor, the floor gets slippery and more often than not, one easily slips and falls. A carpet underlay installed on the floor provides safety to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

The underlayment is held firm on the floor to provide a good grip of the foot. On a carpeted floor, the carpets tend to lose the stretch they once had therefore, leading to trips. An underlay keeps the carpet in place to avoid tripping and falling.

​Carpet Durability

​A carpet underlayment is known to extend the lifespan of a carpet. As you step up on the carpet, the feet cause an impact. With time, the carpet is expected to wear off and eventually tear. An underlayment helps in protecting the flooring from wearing away against the bare ground; hence, reducing the number of times you get to buy a new one. This in turn saves you the cost of spending on a new carpet every time. Dents brought about by heavy furniture can be highly reduced when there is a carpet underlay. Most of the underlayment is made from rubber material which has high resistance to impact. Marks, scratches and dents are less seen in the room that has a carpet underlay installed. This also adds to the longevity of your carpet.


To lay down a carpet underlay isn’t an easy task, probably because it takes too much time and energy to install it. But as soon as you have fitted the carpet underlay, the benefits you get are greater than the downsides. A carpet underlay is ideal for all houses to save on energy bills and most importantly, to provide comfort on a floor that was once uneven and hard. If you are using a carpet underlay specifically meant for your flooring type, you are guaranteed of good results. Always match the underlay to the flooring type. Now you should hopefully be convinced that you need some before you lay your carpets. Check out our handy guide which reviews the best carpet underlay currently on the market.

About the Author Harry Thompson

Gaining a BSc Honours in building/ property maintenance at the University of Portsmouth Harry went into the field of renovating properties. Along the journey, he has developed a wide variety of home & garden DIY skills such as installing new kitchens and landscaping gardens.