Why You Need a Specific Type of Kettle for Hard Water?

kettle for hard water

Hard water is water that contains calcium and magnesium particles in it. Water hardness is determined by the amount of minerals dissolved in it. This water is good for your health as it contains just the right minerals for your bones (calcium and magnesium) and it tastes better than pure or distilled water. While this may be true, there are several downsides to using this type of water in your household. Aside from difficulties foaming with soap, it also leaves behind a crust (limescale) inside kettles. This, subsequently, leads to the consumption of too much energy to boil the water in the kettle. In this article, we are going to discuss why it is important for you to use specific kettle for hard water in case you live in an area with hard water. However if you know you already have hard water, check out our review of the best kettle for hard water here.

When using a kettle without a filter for heating hard water, calcium carbonate scale is formed in the kettle. The limescale build up is caused when the water is heat and the particles become insoluble, thus forming on the sides of the kettle in use. Afterward, the drink you keep boiling in the kettle will start to have a weird taste and also, the life span of your kettle is cut short. This happens when the minerals eat away at the heating elements and end up causing corrosion. With time, the kettle will be giving out very poor results until, eventually, it works no more. That is when you will rash to fix it which will be too late so you just have one option, buy another one.

​To know that the water available is hard water, there are some tests that are done, normally at the lab but since you don’t have all that time and resources, there is an easier way to do it at home. Since soap rarely foams in hard water, you can use the home-soap-lather test. Take a small amount of the water suspected to be hard in a bottle and add soap then shake it vigorously. If the water doesn’t lather, then, that is hard water. Since you now know the damage the hard water causes in your non-filtered kettle, you will not risk using it there.  For that purpose, have to get a kettle specifically for hard water use.

​Hard Water Kettles

Hard water kettles have special filters inside to filter away the particles in the water to help prevent limescale build up on the sides of the kettle and on the heating element. When filtered, the water will have little to no particles that cause the limestone to build up. The water becomes softer to boil, therefore taking the required time to boil and effectively lengthens the life of the kettle.

Consequently, the filters in the hard water kettles aren’t built to be in service for a lifetime, they require frequent decalcification. Failure to do that will lead to a number of faults. A clogged filter will take in water in drips which will take longer time to fill up. And it becomes very frustrating and time-consuming to replace the filter every now and then.

Hard water kettles

​Softening Hard Water

​If you find frequent changing of the filters in the hard water kettle to be a challenge, you can always soften the hard water using sodium carbonate. Softening hard water is removing calcium ions and magnesium ions from the hard water and this is done perfectly by adding sodium carbonate to the water. As a result, the water that was once hard will greatly reduce the amount of particles that may lead to the filter clogging; therefore, you will have to replace it less frequently.


​In areas where there is mainly hard water from the mains, it gets hard to use it on the kettles available. But there is a solution in the market because of the availability of hard water kettles to use in these areas. All that is needed is to get the one that fits your needs and suits your lifestyle. Proper care given to the hard water kettle can lead to having great and valuable service that is why you should have a specific kettle for hard water.

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