Why Do You Need a Bathroom Extractor Fan?

A ceiling extractor fan is used in most bathrooms for several reasons – some are obvious while others are not so obvious. In this article, you will learn why it is important for you to install one if you don’t have a window in your bathroom.

One of the reasons you need passive stack ventilation is to provide sufficient ventilation in your bathroom. Having an unkempt bathroom can lead to serious health issues, both for you and your family.

This is because the steam from hot baths doesn’t leave immediately and if you don’t give it an avenue to exit the bathroom, it could create a playing ground for mold. Therefore, taking care of your bathroom and preventing it from this is a worthy step towards good health.

There is another reason for installing a bathroom extraction fan – having one in your bathroom means that bad smells will evaporate quickly after using the toilet. In addition, when your bathroom lacks a window or an extraction fan, the walls retains the moisture after a hot shower, which is likely to cause horrible, musty smells. Moreover, when you allow moisture to persist in your bathroom, you are in hindsight giving a free reign to bacteria since non-ventilated areas are the favorite hotspots of bacteria. If this isn't reason enough to check out our helpful bathroom extractor fan reviews article here productspy.co.uk/bathroom-extractor-fan/.

Looking at building regulations, a recurring protocol is to retain existing passive stack ventilation when you are renovating your home; although if there is none, you are not expected to add one. However, you will learn that a proper ventilation mechanism (which an extractor fan provides) is required when you are carrying out new building or structure. This is to ensure adequate air circulation even if there is a window.

What if I already have a window and my bathroom is well-ventilated? Congratulations! You must be among the few well-informed people and possibly exempted from the crowd.

You can decide to not buy an extractor fan. However, I have a strong believe that you need one. If not, you won’t be on this page now. Moreover buying one for your bathroom isn’t going to be a waste because it aids in getting items like towels, toilet rolls, etc, dry faster and prevent moist from settling on them. If you can get yourself a stylish model with little to noise, it can still be beneficial for you.​

Are There Any Other Benefits for Installing an Extractor Fan?

Although extractor fan are common place item in the bathroom, they can be very useful for other areas as well. You can install them in your kitchen to combat gas or smoke, in addition to installing in your bathroom to restrain humidity. They also have flexibility where some models can be installed on your window pane or use a pre-drilled holes on walls to mount them.

The following are some of the benefits of having your own extractor fan in your room or kitchen, in addition to having one in your bathroom:​

Control Humidity

Mildew and mold often come up as a result of constant steam and humidity in the bathroom, often leading to health complications. Since this is so rampant and not discernable by most people, it can result in family hygiene problems. Although you can remove the steam and wetness temporarily with some products, the mildew will continue to grow since the source is still present. Installing an extractor fan will force moist air out of your bathroom leaving you with dry air which prevents development of mildew.

Control Steam, Fumes, and Odors

As you have learnt in this article, the benefits of an extractor fan far outstretch the bathroom. You can install it as a stove hood – vented or non-vented. When installed this way, it helps you remove smoke and odor that may arise from cooking. The smoke usually causes damage to walls and ceilings as well as staining of walls directly above the stove. When you install a small exhaust fan as a hood for the stove top, you will be able to stop or reduce this smoke substantially. Moreover, they are equally great for eradicating the grease that rises with steam when you cook. This is a great benefit since you won’t have to wash the walls around where you do your cooking as the grease will not settle on this.

Remove Gas and Smoke

If you live in a congested area or one that usually promote harmful airborne, your extractor fan can really help. This can be where smokers congregate and smoke or old gas appliance are used in the basement. They are also used where dust producing equipment are used such as workshops and garage.

Remove Heat

If you live in a hot a climate, you can use your extractor fan as a heat removal tool. Since heat typically rises and goes around the roof, your extractor fan can take it up and pull it out making for a constant cooler air in your room.

About the Author Harry Thompson

Gaining a BSc Honours in building/ property maintenance at the University of Portsmouth Harry went into the field of renovating properties. Along the journey, he has developed a wide variety of home & garden DIY skills such as installing new kitchens and landscaping gardens.