Why Is My Steam Generator Iron Not Steaming And How To Fix It?

Why Is My Steam Generator Iron Not Steaming And How To Fix ItSometimes home appliances tend to give us a headache when they reach a place and stop doing what it was made to do. For instance, when you have a steam generator iron for ironing chores and it stops releasing steam.

You remain with unanswered questions until you decide that the gadget has become useless and you might want to get rid of it or call a technician to fix it for you. You can actually get to the reasons why the appliance is not working as it should.

What stops the iron from steaming?

How we handle these home appliances matter a lot in their performance. Observing the right care for these gadgets can lead to a longer period of service with no complaints whatsoever. Once you finish using your steam generator iron, make sure it is stored correctly to avoid damaging the unit. Always consult the user manuals in areas that seem unknown to you at the moment. When you follow keenly the instructions on how to get the best out of a steam generator iron you always achieve the best results. However, when you use things that trigger the steam generator iron to working inefficiently you damage the gadget leading to a situation whereby the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of using a steam generator iron.

What causes the steam not to come out?

Using hard water in the steam generator iron does a number of things to the water reservoir. Hard water consists of calcium and limestone. These elements when heated up in the boiler to produce steam needed to iron, remain in the reservoir as deposits. The deposits then clog up the system causing the steam generator iron to work poorly. They scale the water tank of the steam generator iron leading to the blockage of steam from coming out.


To curb this, you will have to thoroughly clean the steam generator iron. This is not a hard task for any individual. You just need to get the right solutions to descale the steam generator iron properly. Vinegar has always been the best in descaling. First thing you will need to do is to empty the water reservoir of the steam generator iron. Then add a considerable amount of vinegar and distilled water in the steam generator iron to create the perfect descaling solution. Run the steam generator iron at the highest temperature and wait for about five minute before you empty the iron tank. Rinse off the solution with distilled or bottled water. By rinsing I mean, you pour the distilled water into the tank and reheat it for a minute then remove the contents after the process.  Allow the steam generator iron to sit horizontally on a cloth to allow any water that remained in the tank to evaporate.


When you follow these steps, your steam generator iron will retain its steaming ability once you get rid of what had initially caused the steam blockage. The use of the right water in your steam generator can aid in having the iron last longer. However, it is worth noting that regular use of de-scaler agents wear out the inside of the iron tank. If you have done this one to many times and are looking for the best steam generator iron on the market we have you covered.

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