Why is My Steam Generator Iron Leaking Water and How To Fix It?

Steam generator irons are the best ironing appliances to own. They do a perfect job in the ironing of our clothes.

A leak can make us all forget the importance of having this gadget because, when you iron your garments, you find water drops on them and this could permanently change how you look at your steam generator iron.

There are a number of things that you do to the steam generator iron that cause it to leak from its base.

Things that causes the steam generator iron to leak

  • If you have overfilled the steam generator iron, when ironing, small drops of water can come out.
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    When the steam generator iron is always stored in such a way that the soleplate faces down, steam condensation will occur. This will result in water drops appearing on the base station.
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    The water reservoir may have broken or cracked.
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    When the De-calc knob where water passes through is not tightened enough or faces the wrong position water tends to leak from it.
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    A lot of residue deposits in the steam generator iron causes the iron to leak.

How to fix the leaking from the iron

  • If you have exceeded the limit of water put in the steam generator iron, hold the steam button down and release excess water for a minute until you get to the right level. If you want to refill next time, use a measuring cup to help you achieve the right level of water for the reservoir.
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    Always vertically store your steam generator iron to avoid steam condensation.
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    Ensure that the de-calc knob is fully tightened and in the right direction so as to avoid any water from coming out from it.
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    Replace the hard water used with distilled water if you live in an area where hard water is present. This will prevent the steam generator iron from getting lime deposits in the tank. These deposits are the ones that sometimes cause the leaks. Always run the self-clean function on the steam generator iron to remove deposits that tend to accumulate in the steam generator iron.
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    Check for breaks or cracks on the water tanks. You can have a technician do this for you.


You may find that all the leaks that the steam generator develop are due to the way we handle the gadget. When proper care is observed, you can have little or nothing to complain about on the steam generator iron. If you do feel as though you want a new one, check out our steam generator iron reviews.

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