Why Does My Electric Shower Cut Out And How To Fix It?

Your electric shower may cut out once in a while in the course of your usage. There is no need to panic whenever this happens because, just so you know, this is not entirely an electrical fault. And, it is very easy to fix. First, you need to know why the electric shower cuts out.

The electric shower cuts out when water overstays in the heater thus resulting in problems such as scaling, which stops the shower. Another reason this could be happening to your electric shower is that the thermal cut-out (TCO) has been triggered.

Limescale Causing Cut-Outs

This is one of the most common causes of the electric shower cutting out and it occurs when water stays in the heater for long. The limescale accumulates and clogs the showerhead thus resulting in cutouts, which are annoying whenever they occur. To fix this problem, you need to get some descaling agent and thoroughly clean the showerhead to get rid of the limescale. If this does not eliminate the problem, then you need to troubleshoot for other possible causes which include low pressure, and a triggered thermal cut-out.

Triggered Thermal Cut-Out

The thermal cut-out is triggered whenever there is an electrical fault such as loose wires and an upsurge of electric charges. You can fix this problem by simply flipping the switch back on. If this does not solve the problem, then you are probably facing an issue relating to water pressure.

Water Pressure

A drop in the pressure of water in the electric shower could result in cutouts. It is a common occurrence especially if you are living on the top floors of a multi-storied building or if you are using a shared water source. The recommended minimum pressure of water in an electric shower is 1.0 bar and 1.5 bar. Whenever the pressure drops below these minimums, the shower cuts out because the heater is receiving less water than it should. Fixing this issue requires that you install a shower pump. This will go a long way in improving the performance of the electric shower. The ESP80 is much recommended because it has been designed to handle the minimum 1.0 and 1.5 bar pressure for the electric shower.


The next time you experience a cut out with your electric shower, keep calm and troubleshoot to establish whether it is the pressure, thermal cut-out or limescale that is causing it. Once you find out what the cause is, apply the appropriate fix and get back to enjoying your hot showers. However if you feel you need a new shower, we have reviewed all the latest models on the market here productspy.co.uk/electric-showers.

About the Author Harry Thompson

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