Why Does My Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off And How To Fix It

Why Does My Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off And How To Fix ItIf you have been using an electric fireplace for a long time, you may begin to notice some faults. The frequency with which these faults occur normally varies depending on the quality of the individual electric fireplace that you are using. If you own a high-quality model, the chances of frequent faults are usually quite low, which is advantageous to you as the owner. On the other hand, you may be just unfortunate to land a brand or model that is just prone to faults and breakdowns every other time. Luckily, most of the faults that befall an electric fireplace are fixable and this article is all about these faults. Although we cannot exhaust the entire list of reasons why an electric fireplace would keep shutting off, we can at least go through a handful of some of these reasons and hope you will find them useful.

Common faults of an electric fireplace

The electric fireplace shuts off automatically after overheating to prevent overheating. Now, it is only practical that we find out what would cause it to overheat. The first cause that is common on most of the electric fireplaces is the lack of enough airflow through the unit. If the air flowing into the unit is insufficient, it is definitely going to shut off in an attempt to prevent a potential fire. It is also possible that air flow is being hindered by too much lint that is built up in the unit. Insufficient airflow inhibits the proper cooling of the heating elements in the electric fireplace thus prompting a sudden shutoff.

If this happens to be the cause of your electric fireplace shutting off, then it can be fixed easily by ensuring that the unit is not too close to an object that prevents airflow to the intake vent. Also, look for lint buildup and do so with the power cord unplugged and the circuit breaker turned off. The other way to fix this problem is by resetting everything by unplugging and turning off the master switch. Unplugging the unit from the mains and turning off the master switch will allow the electric fireplace to be reset and possibly resolve the issue once and for all.

If you try these fixes and still fail to resolve the problem, then the problem could be the thermostatic control or a bad motor. Some electric fireplaces have a four-position switch consisting of the off, low, medium, and high positions. The heater will shut off when a certain temperature is reached even when the temperature is too low for your preferences. If this is the problem, then you might have to turn it on the high position. Sometimes the bulbs in the unit may be of very high wattage thus resulting in overheating. A bad motor is something else that might cause the electric fireplace to shut off because it could be drawing too much power to the point that it trips the circuit breaker. If this is the problem, you may need to have this checked by a professional electrician or simply just invest in a new one. If you do want to buy another one, we have you covered in this article.

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