Which is Better a Home Safe or a Bank Deposit Box?

How To Install A Home SafeIf you are into the habit of keeping loads of cash or valuables like jewelery in your home, then it is safer if you had a safe installed in your home. The process is relatively simple as it involves only a few DIY steps and you’re good to go.

But first things first, you need to ensure that the safe you have is the right quality. You do not want to simplify the burglar’s job by purchasing a poor quality safe. We review all the best models on the market here.

At the same time, you do not want the bad guys to have an easy time carrying your valuables and cash away. That is why bolting it down is recommended.

Cost Considerations

When we look at the cost of these two storage options, you will realize that the safe deposit box is better than the home safe. The cost of a standard home safe is likely to be more than £1000 and this does not include the installation costs. The safe deposit box, on the other hand, will cost you roughly £150, which is often an annual fee. Just by considering the cost of these two storage options for your valuables, it is obvious that safe deposit boxes are better than their home safe counterparts.

Protection from fire and burglary

If we look at the two in terms of safety from fire, the home safe is rated grade 1 whereas the safe deposit box is rated grade 8. The fact that a safe deposit box has a higher fire rating than the home safe makes it a better option for storing your valuables. On top of that, a home safe is more likely to be stolen away by burglars in the event of a break-in compared to a safe deposit box. Even though home safes are installed in the most secure location in the home, it takes very little effort for burglars to find them especially if they come equipped with special equipment such as metal detectors.

Safe deposit boxes are highly secured and the chances of break-ins are way lower than home safes. Also, it takes little effort for burglars to crack-open the home safe. This is because the information on how to do so is readily available online. Even in the event that a home safe is hard to crack open, the burglars can always find ways to force the owner to open it. Sometimes armed robbers would use violence to force the owner into opening the home safe and this could be life-threatening and traumatizing.

Implication on the cost of Insurance Premiums

Keeping unspecified valuables in your home safe increases the cost of home insurance. You can avoid the heavy cost of home insurance by renting a safe deposit box and transferring all your unspecified valuables to it.


From the foregoing, we can conclude that a safe deposit box is better than a home safe. You get to avoid so many risks and additional expenses just by renting a safe deposit box. However, if you prefer to use a home safe because of personal reservations, you can go ahead and do it but it is just important that you know the implications.

About the Author Harry Thompson

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