What You Need to Know About the Extractor Fan

You asked, “What is an Extractor Fan?”

This term, extractor fan, represents a fan that is designed to pull out air from a particular location such as your kitchen or bathroom. As you can see, a bathroom ceiling extractor fan has similar function. It is meant to take out the moist air in your bathroom which is produced when you take a hot bath.

There are many reasons you may want to use an extractor fan in your bathroom. On one hand, it prevents vapor from forming on your bathroom mirror so that it is clear every time you steer into it.

On another hand, it helps you check the development of nasty damp from attacking your home.​

Mould Can Take Root if you’re Not Prepared

If you don’t know already, mould is very bad for you and your family. When you use hot water shower regularly and you don’t take care of your bathroom properly, it starts to get in gradually. You may not even notice it until it becomes visually repulsive.

The adverse effect of not having a bathroom extractor fan in your bathroom – if you hot bath frequently – is that it does not stay put in your bathroom. Every time you open your door, you are likely to be sending water particles into your room, greatly increasing the chance that mould will develop in other part of your house.

Worse still, it can spread fast and might be difficult to contain once it takes root in your home. While this may look simple, but when you consider the harmful effect of mould on your health, you are likely going to want to look for a solution. For instance, some forms of mould are bad for your health ( and may even lead to extreme conditions for you if you have respiratory issues.​

This is why installing a fan in your bathroom provides a long term benefit – even though it might set you back a few hundred dollars at first.​

What Size of Extractor Fan Should You Buy?

Generally, you can choose between 4” and 6” extractor fans. The 4” models are more popular and are what you may likely get since they are more on the smaller scale. For higher capacity, you need to choose 6” models as they are more powerful. How do you know which one to choose? Read our bathroom extractor fan reviews article, watch videos, and research different brands. Following this step will help you determine those units that are perfect for your use.

How loud are Extractor Fans?

Different fans come in different size and quality. And this will largely determine whether the fan is loud or muted. However, the average quality fan in the UK is rated at 26B, which is considered to be whisper quiet.

While this is true, you will often find some models are very loud, so don’t be upset. In addition, the sound may become unnoticeable as your ear gets accustomed to the movement on the fan. The fact that they are inserted in the attic further reduces the redundancy of the sound.​

How to Clean Your Bathroom Fan

After buying your bathroom fan and fitting it in your bathroom, you need to keep it in good shape by cleaning it regularly. Since it helps in removing damp from your bathroom, it most likely will pick up dirt, filth and debris along the way. Fortunately, the process of cleaning it is fairly straight forward and should take only a couple of minutes to do.

To clean your bathroom waft, follow these simple steps:​

  • First, locate the power switch and turn off your fan
  • Access the removable grill front which gives you access to the fans. Most fans have removable ones and are held in place by screws or clips.
  • Take of the screws that holds the grill front so you have access to the blade fans
  • Using your regular bathroom cleaner, wipe off the surface of the fan blades. For better results, you can use a damp cloth dipped in soapy water.

For an illustrated guide and tips for cleaning your bathroom fan, you can find a great resource over at WikiHow.

Bathroom Fan Regulations

In most European countries, the government regulates everything. This is intended to ensure all citizens are safe and that we don’t encroach on other people’s right. As far as building renovations in the UK is concerned, there are regulations already laid down which you much follow, whether you are a handyman, a DIYer, or builder.

The most important document is the document F ( which is drawn up by the govement to guide installation of ventilation systems. And you are advice to read and follow the guidelines that are proposed in this document if you are installing the fan yourself. However, if you are outsourcing this to a company, the company should be aware of this already. Remember, complying with these protocols yields a safe environment for you and your family.​

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