What Can You Find Using a Metal Detector?

A metal detector creates a magnetic field as it passes any metallic object to make a beep-like sound to let you know that the item is metallic. For this reason, the metal detectors are widely used for industrial and security purposes.

Other ways that one can use the metal detectors is when they are treasure hunting underwater or on the beach.

Also, you can get a metal detector for personal use like when you want to find lost things in the house like jewelry and what nots. In this article, we are discussing the different things you can find using a metal detector.


Metal detectors, as the name suggest, are used to find metal objects that are buried underground. The ground underneath is a place where most metals come from. Knowing this, the trouble of digging up the whole area to find something that you are not even sure whether you’ll find it or not is greatly avoided. Once the metal has been detected in an area using the metal detector, it makes the work easier. Metal detectors find gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, lead, iron, nickel, brass and tin that may be found buried in the ground.

How will one know that the metal detected is worth digging it out? Most metal detectors use the discrimination process to recognize the different metal targets or alloys. This process makes it easy to find the good metals and exclude the trash metals to avoid wastage of time. Discrimination works by spotting objects based on conductivity therefore making the search easy. You can find specific items when you increase the discrimination setting on the metal detector for effective findings.


There are metal detectors using very low frequency to pick up strong signals from ferromagnetic substances found in iron minerals in the soil. As you are aware that different soil types have different levels of natural minerals, the metal detector should also be set to the right functions to work on the ground. There are manual and automatic ground balancing metal detectors, each of them working differently. With manual ground balancing, the settings are often changed which gives you total control over the detector. On the other hand, automatic ground balancing works by scanning the soil and filtering it out without having to adjust anything.

Land mines

Metal detectors were originally used by military to find land mines in the 1960s. This then improved and remained as the major way to find land mines. Modern metal detectors are still used to date to find the lands where people can mine gold and other treasure minerals in the ground.


All airports all over the world use metal detectors to ensure all the metals carried by passengers are the right ones to have for security purposes. Also, you can find the security guard in the malls using the metal detectors to maximize on security.

Personal use

 You can get a metal detector of your own to use at your own pleasure like prospecting at the beach or finding lost relics in the house. It can be quite tiring to search blindly for something when all you can do is to use the metal detector to find it.

Uncover hidden bounty using metal detector

Metal detectors are widely found all around the world which make the finding of metal objects a lot easier. It is worth noting that, as technology improves, the same is applied to metal detectors to expand the uses of the gadgets. For this reason, you will have a variety of items to find using the metal detector.

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