Water Filtration Around The World

The world’s ecosystems require the presence of water. None would survive without it. Crops and food, animals, and humans are all dependent on adequate water to flourish. In fact, humans cannot survive more than a few days without water. Furthermore, we need clean water because we are susceptible to microbe-caused illness. Minerals in water may also be unpalatable or bad for one’s health. Considering the vital role water plays in our lives, and the staggering number of people who struggle to get clean water, filtration is a paramount task to provide access to clean, safe water.

Why Does Filtering Water Matter?

World health and welfare organisations consider broadening and improving access to clean water to be a major goal. While the scarcity of water presents a problem, unclean water can lead to severe illness and possibly death, especially in areas where health care is limited. Since many sources of water also host animals, waste run-off, and harmful bacteria, people who drink untreated water are at risk. Furthermore, when people are not habituated to the local organisms in water, they are more likely to get sick.

What Methods Are Used To Filter Water Around The World?

The Water and Sanitation Programme and UNICEF designed a ceramic water filter. It is cheap to make and easy to distribute. Ceramic has small enough pore spaces to trap dirt, protozoa, and bacteria. Sometimes they’re treated with silver which has anti-bacterial properties. It is important to safeguard the filter from cracks and damage. Ceramic is fairly fragile and introducing cracks can impede quality of the filtration. Additionally, one must be careful not to inadvertently contaminate the filtered water.

water filtration

The Eliodomestico is another product that purifies water. Water is placed in the top compartment, the device is placed in the sun, and water that is clean and safe for drinking is available after eight hours. The sun’s heat increases the steam pressure. The steam is collected and siphoned to another chamber where it condenses.

The Solarball was originally designed by a student and is similar to the Eliodomestico in that it uses sunlight to purify water. Part of it is transparent, allowing the sunlight to penetrate and heat the water. It is evaporated and condensed, yielding up to three liters of water a day.

The Life Sack is a container that is often presented a bag full of grain. Removing the grain for consumption, the empty Life Sack is transformed into a water purification device. The bag is filled with water and placed in the sun. It uses a Solar Water Disinfection Process to clean the water, eliminating the need for electricity or expensive equipment.

The Nano Membrane Toilet has a unique design that allows people to utilise the toilet without the need for plumbing and sewage services. It provides clean water. A guard seals the waste. A holding chamber holds waste, the solid remaining at the bottom, and the liquid rising up in the tank. Membrane bundles send this water to the back of the toilet where there are large columns of beads. The vapor condenses over the bead column, the resulting water is stored in the front tank. Solid waste is automatically removed, coated with wax, and disposed of by a service-person. It doesn’t require electricity; it can be charged with a hand crank.

Considering the innovative methods required for water purification around the globe, we can appreciate how convenient it is having water filtration systems in our homes. These systems allow us to immediately get pathogen-free water. This being said, choosing a jug, in-fridge filter, or a filtration and water softeners system, is a matter of budget and convenience.  We have reviewed the best on the market today which you can view here.

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