Types of Coffee to Make in a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Best Types of Coffee to Make in a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

It is widely known that if you want the best results from something, you have to dig deeper into the pockets. The same applies to coffee. Coffee lovers all over the world go to restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy the best coffee. Little do they know that they can actually master the art of coffee making and make very good coffee in the comfort of their homes. With a bean to cup coffee machine, you have to invest quite a bit because it is known to produce the best fresh coffee rich in flavor and crema. It doesn’t matter the reason as to why you are drinking the coffee, the most important thing here is the taste, aroma and how it makes you feel.

In this article, we are discussing the best types of coffee that can be made in a bean to cup coffee machine.


Espresso is a strong, bitter and concentrated coffee drink that is usually served in a small glass. Mastering the art of producing this type of coffee proves hard to most folks, that is why they are mostly dependent on the coffee from coffeehouses. The whole process of making the best espresso is determined by pressure, temperature and the coarseness of the ground coffee. Boiling water is shot under high pressure (15 to 19 bars) through the finely ground up coffee beans. Dark brown colored coffee comes out of the machine when the process is complete. You get different espresso varieties when there is a slight change in the temperature of the water, pressure and the size of the ground coffee particles. Customizing the taste to your personal preference is entirely up to you.

espresso coffee


​Cappuccino is arguably the most known type of coffee drink around the world. It is an espresso with a small amount of steamed milk and a layer of crema. When you look closely, the cappuccino is made of three layers. The first layer is the espresso (the base) followed by a shot of steamed milk and then on top is a layer of foamy milk. You can choose to add chocolate shavings or powder on the top layer of this cappuccino for more flavor and taste.

​Café Latte

café latte coffee

This type of coffee is commonly referred to as Latte and it originated from Italy. It is more like a cappuccino with the biggest difference being that more milk is added to the espresso unlike the cappuccino.

Only a third of the whole drink is espresso. The rest of the beverage is rich in steamed milk with a layer of milk foam. Depending on the amount of coffee used, the color of the beverage may vary from black to dark brown, light brown, beige and white. It is rich in cream of the many coffees produced where espresso is the base. For a sweet and mellow flavor, the café latte is the best choice to have. If you prefer the coffee without the foam then the name of the coffee changes to Flat white.


Widely referred to as mocha or you can also spell it as mochachino.

Mochaccino is an espresso that has been enhanced with hot milk and some additional flavors like the chocolate and sweeteners.

The chocolate used can be in the form of cocoa powder and sugar. Normally, the beverage is topped with whipped cream to add beauty and flavor.

Mochaccino coffee


​Brewing the best coffee requires one to have mastered the art of coffee making from the baristas and experts. Once you have the knowledge at your fingertips and you have the right bean to cup coffee machine, there is nothing that can prevent you from making coffee like a pro. Clearly, the flavors from these coffees discussed are rich and the coffee tastes great because the espresso that is the main ingredient is made purely from the bean to cup coffee machine. From the espresso, you can have as many coffee types as you desire provided you are doing the right thing. Bad coffee can ruin your day or even reduce your confidence in learning how to make great coffee. Using a premium bean to cup machine, a much richer and versatile coffee is dispensed.

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