Top Tips When Ironing Clothes

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When it comes to ironing as part of the laundry chores, this one seems a bit exhausting. Most of the time you find yourself spending too much time on one piece of cloth without quite removing the creases and wrinkles as you iron.

This is the reason why most people don’t like the ironing task. Perhaps you need a different way of ironing so that you can be able to get the right results.

Below are top tips to help you achieve great success in your ironing and also make the process a breeze using a little amount of time possible.

Increase the heat

This is mainly done using an aluminum foil placed under the ironing board cover. The foil will reflect the heat of the iron as you work on the clothes consequently making the underside of the clothes smooth as you iron the top side. This in turn, reduces the time used to iron each clothing.

The inside out method

Using this method helps a great deal in maintaining the appearance of your garments. Therefore, if you iron the clothes when they are inside out, chances of them showing the slight sheen on the clothes are greatly reduced.

Have an ironing order

Ironing is made easier when you follow the correct order of ironing. For shirts, first iron the collars and cuffs then the rest will be fast and easy. Iron the collars, cuffs and hems on the inside first then on the outside. This will prevent them from puckering. Also, avoid ironing in circular strokes since they can stretch the fabric.

Clean the iron

Seeing dark spots on the clothes after ironing is quite a discouraging. This is because the iron is base of your iron is dirty. The first thing to do before ironing is clean the iron plate with baking powder solution using a piece of warm cloth.

Hang the cloths

After you have finished ironing each cloth, it is safe to hang it up so as to avoid the cloths from getting fresh creases.

Paper clips

For you to achieve perfect pleats on the clothes you are ironing, using paper clips to keep the pleats in shape will guarantee this. Also when ironing on pleats, press them from the bottom to the top when ironing from the inside of the pleats. Blast steam over the pleats to get perfect pleats.

Arrange the cloths by order

Arrange your fabrics to iron them from delicate, those with little creases, sturdy to those with a lot of wrinkles. As you iron, the iron plate keeps heating up so when you get to the garments that need a lot of work, it will have acquired the perfect heat level. Sorting the clothes according to temperature aids in achieving this. From the coolest to the hottest.

Use steam

For stubborn areas where you keep ironing ad the wrinkles don’t seem to go anywhere, steam is your friend. Steam will iron out the wrinkles and as you iron, the wrinkles disappear, effortlessly.

Handkerchief or a napkin

On sensitive fabrics, use a napkin or a handkerchief to press the cloth.

Dirty/stained clothes

Do not iron dirty or stained clothes because the heat from the iron will cause the stains permanent.

There are so many hacks to aid in fast ironing and making the process easy and manageable. The ones outlined are the major tips to achieving great results when ironing. When ironing clothes, you will find out that when you apply these tips, you will not be disappointed.

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