The Versatility Of A Bread Maker

Do You Need A Bread Maker?

There are few smells as inviting as freshly baked bread. It is a takeover of the senses—the radiant warmth, the sound of a crackling crust, and the taste, fresher than anything you could buy. Making your own bread can be extremely healthy and rewarding. You can put in and leave out whatever you choose, and you avoid all the extraneous ingredients that store-bought breads typically include. However, with several time-consuming and labourious steps, not many of us have the inclination to make fresh bread regularly.

Fortunately, we are able to buy machines like the bread maker to make this task more feasible in today’s fast-paced, busy world. People who don’t cook or those who cannot cook due to restrictions can make use of a bread maker with very little opportunity for errors. With a bread machine, you don’t have to compromise quality when you’re short on time. It does the heavy lifting of kneading, proofing, and baking—all within the self-contained counter-top appliance.

The Bread Maker Does More Than Make Bread

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Consider that the bread maker is essentially a mixer and mini-oven. A hooked or paddle arm mixes dough, it is left to rise for a period in the warm enclosed environment, and after some repetition, it is baked in the same receptacle. Knowing this, we see that a bread maker can be a lot more versatile than originally thought. With some imagination and experimentation, it can become a heavy-hitting staple of the kitchen.

Even when making bread, as you grow more accustomed to the machine, you are able to easily try variations and modifications to your bread. You can experiment with different flowers, nuts, seeds, fruit, cheese, and whatever else you can find to add. This can be an opportunity to completely customise your bread to suit your tastes and needs.

Any dough can be made using the “dough” cycle. The bread maker is excellent for making pizza dough. Simply dump in the ingredients in the specified quantities and order, and let the machine swirl around until the dough is smooth and formed. Then you can remove, stretch, and bake it in a conventional oven. Similarly, to make donuts, you just add the ingredients in order and set the machine to make dough without touching or stirring. The cycle automatically gives the dough time to rest and rise. When prepared, you can roll out, cut, and fry your donuts in a deep, heavy vessel.

It is even possible to make jam inside the bread maker. You simply add in the required ingredients (usually fruit, sugar, and pectin) and cook under the “jam” cycle until it reaches the desired consistency. Pasta sauce and other cooked sauces can be make inside a bread maker, although it may not be feasible to really sauté ingredients before the addition of the liquids. You can reheat soup, make chili, anything that involves heating without the need for high heat to directly cook ingredients.

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Buying A Bread Maker

The above-mentioned foods represent only a small fraction of what can be made using a bread maker. With some imagination, you can transform the seemingly one-note bread maker into a versatile machine that performs many of your regular cooking tasks. When buying a bread maker, be sure to choose a model that has a variety of settings and is easy to operate. Take a look at this robust list of the best bread makers available for purchase.

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