The Different Types of Ironing Boards and Their Dimensions

different types of ironing boards

​Ironing is one of the laundry works that requires a significant amount of physical energy. I say this because both washing and drying are made easy with washing and drying machines. When it comes to getting our clothes wrinkle-free, there are several things that are required for that to happen. The invention of ironing boards came to serve the sole purpose of aiding the ironing process. An ironing board is quite convenient to use anywhere in your house to iron and apart from that, it is also quite easy to use.
There are different types of ironing boards, which makes it rather easy for you to choose the most convenient one that works for you. There are the full-sized boards, the tabletop and the built-in types of ironing boards. This article is going to expound on each of the types to have a better understanding of them. Once you have read this article and are ready to buy one, check out our review of the best ironing board here.

​The Full-sized (Free-standing) Ironing Board

​​In almost every household, you will find an ironing board that has a metal structure stored in a room. This is the type that has a stand-alone board and can be placed anywhere you choose in the house to start using it. I stand to be corrected that this is the main reason why it is one of the most preferred type. The ironing boards in this category come in various sizes to help the user choose the one that works best for them. The dimensions range from 15 by 54 inches to 19 by 63 inches. Now you can choose from the available ones the one to use in your home. For commercial use, they are usually made larger than the standard dimensions.

The free-standing ironing boards are easily portable to move from one room to the other. This is made possible by the fact that their construction constitutes very light materials. For instance, the frames found on these full-size ironing boards are made differently. Some are light while others are relatively heavy to provide stability. Either way, they can be used anywhere in the house. These normally have height adjustment options to provide the best preferred working height.

full-sized ironing board

​The Tabletop Ironing Board

tabletop ironing board

​​This one is the type that is smaller and is used in places where space is limited. It has a small design with no height adjustments whatsoever. Furthermore, it is used to iron smaller items given the size. If you have a small house or you are a student in college, this is the right ironing board to use.

Besides, it is one of the easiest to use. You just unfold and place it on top of a flat surface. This can either be a table, countertop or even on a chair. The tabletop ironing board can be used in any part of the house.
When it comes to compactness and portability, the tabletop ironing board, does just fine. Storing it is made simple by folding the legs and taking them to the storage area until the next use. You can use this type of ironing board on a regular basis to iron lighter items. The ironing boards in this category are much more affordable compared to the others. Just like any other type, these tabletops vary in size but the range is not too big. For most of them, the dimensions are 32 by 12 inches with a retractable iron rest.

​Built-in Ironing Boards

​The built-in ironing board is the best choice for the space-cautious people. However, prior installation is required in order to start using this type of ironing board and it is usually done in a closet, pull out drawer or on a wall. It saves on space and storage is easily done because it can be folded back in place. The shallow depth design of the inbuilt ironing boards makes it easy to be installed between a wall-studding. In the market, you can find one with a removable option which allows you to remove the board for storage purposes.


​In summation, your type of ironing board is a great determinant of how you will use it. For people with a busy lifestyle, the ironing boards play a significant role of saving time. The tabletop type of ironing board has legs that only unfold when ready to be used. This is the same with the free-standing type except that his one has extendable legs. The inbuilt type of ironing board is pulled out and extended from the installed position for it to be used. From the three discussed, you are able to choose which one is the best to have in your home.

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