The Differences Between a Bean to Cup and a Cafetière

differences between bean to cup and cafetière

​The coffee culture has been expanded greatly in the past years and extensive knowledge and equipment are now readily available all over the world for coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite type.

Maybe you have had a coffee machine for a very long time just brewing the same type of coffee. It’s probably time for a change so that you can experience the goodness in the different tastes of coffee. Why do we have so many coffees tasting different and yet they are made from the same bean?

The answer is in the technique or process used in the brewing of the coffee. In this article, we are going to take you through the difference between two of the most popular coffee making machines so that you are able to distinguish which one suits your lifestyle.

​Coffee Making Process in the Bean to Cup and in a Cafetière

Making an espresso in a bean to cup machine requires high-temperature and pressurized water passing through finely ground beans. The coffee made from this machine comes out dense and concentrated to be used as the base for many coffee drinks like the cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos etc. The cafetière machine, on the other hand, uses the same concept of passing hot water through coffee grounds but the difference is, hot water is poured directly on the grounds at the bottom of the cafetière. After pouring the water, you are required to press all the way to the bottom of the beaker. The end result is that the coffee comes out bolder because the water used extracts the flavor which is stronger.

With a bean to cup coffee machine, the coffee is ground immediately before extraction which makes it produce fresh tasting coffee. The machine has a built-in grinder which is responsible for grinding the coffee at once, all you have to do is just load the bean hopper, add water and then start the machine. When it comes to a Cafetière the coffee needs to be ground first and measure the ideal coffee grounds needed to start the brewing process. Beginners in the coffee-making world find it easier to use the bean to cup machine as opposed to the Cafetière since it is made easy with just a single button press. The latter requires a lot of work and it is time consuming.


All coffee machines should be washed regularly because cleaning them is vital to good tasting coffee. While the Cafetière is easy to clean even in the dishwasher, the bean to cup coffee machine requires a lot more effort in maintaining it mainly because of the presence of the milk frother. The Cafetière takes a few minutes to get it fully cleaned. When unscrewed, the plunger pieces are put into the dishwasher so as to remove the oily residue that coffee leaves behind. This process is only done once in a while.

​But for daily use, a hot water rinse is enough. With a bean to cup machine, you have to carefully clean the milk frothing system, the brew group, the drip tray and grounds container and finally you have to decalcify at least once in a while.


​A bean to cup coffee making machine is obviously more expensive than a Cafetière. The bean to cup machine does everything automatically with a simple press of a button, making it easy to use in brewing your coffee. A Cafetière, on the other hand, is more affordable of the two. Nevertheless, with this one, most of the work is done by you. However, the bean to cup machine requires one to have some sort of training to understand how to operate the machine whereas the Cafetière is easy to learn even by observation.


Coffee machines were invented for the sole purpose of enjoying a cup of coffee that is made easily. However, it is worth noting that some coffee machines are built and intended for different types of coffee drinks. The bean to cup coffee machine is made in a way that it can produce a huge variety of coffee drinks whereas a Cafetière offers only one type of coffee drink. Depending on your preferred coffee drink, you may find either the bean-to-cup coffee machine or the cafetière to be your coffee brewing appliance of choice. You can find bean to cup machines here and cafetieres here

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