Best Telescopic Ladder Reviews UK – The Top Rated Models In 2018

Updated April 2018

If you are looking for a review of all the best telescopic ladders in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best telescopic ladder models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below, in the table, the telescopic ladder reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.

Overview Of The Best 10 Telescopic Ladder On The Market In 2018

The 10 Best Telescopic Ladders On The Market Reviewed

Fixkit Telescopic Ladder can support a maximum weight of 150kg. With its 11 steps fully extended, the ladder can reach up to 3.2 meters of height. Featuring at the bottom of the collapsible ladder is a stabilizer bar with non-slip rubber pads making it a safer and balanced model. You can personalize the height of the ladder by extending the steps to the level you require.

It has a multi-function use working perfectly both inside and outside your house.

It also includes a strap to secure it together and carry around. And when no longer and fully closed, its compact size makes it easier to put away for storage.


  • Easy to use
  • Stabilizer bar for balance
  • Ideal for storage


  • No warranty specified by the manufacturer

The VonHaus Soft Close Extendable Telescopic Ladder extends to 3.8 metres but is also available in a smaller 2.6 metre model. This size makes it suitable for indoor maintenance tasks. The closed length is just 91.5cm. This model also has a weight capacity of 150kg, but weighs only 13.5kg itself.

This is due to its aluminium construction. The ladder has anti-pinch soft-close movement. This ladder conforms to the EN131 safety standard. There are several safety features: a stabiliser bar, wide & anti-slip rungs, and rung-by-rung locking. It is a versatile and durable model at a reasonable price.


  • This ladder meets EN131 standards.
  • It features soft-closing.
  • It has a stabiliser bar to keep the ladder from tipping/shifting.
  • It has sturdy and versatile construction.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • The closed size is small.


  • The height is limiting and this ladder wouldn’t be suitable for higher jobs.
  • It has a narrow frame.

The Sotech Telescopic Ladder is both foldable and extendable. It is a best-selling and highly rated item on Amazon. Normally ladders are unwieldy and awkward to carry; this model includes a handy carrying back to help you move it from place to place. The extended reach of the ladder is 3.8 metres and closes to an impressive 80cm.

This ladder meets the EN131 and CE standards of safety, however it doesn’t bear the actual organisation seal. It utilises a rolling bearing system to extend the ladder by the rung-to-rung increments. The double-layered aluminium produces a durable and light ladder capable of supporting up to 150kg while weighing in at just 11.5kg. The non-slip design prevents falls and slips.


  • This model is lightweight at just 11.5kg.
  • The Sotech ladder is relatively affordable.
  • When closed, the ladder compacts considerably, facilitating easy storage and carrying.
  • It includes a handy carrying bag/case.


  • This model is less sturdy than heavily, more reinforced ladders.
  • It lacks an EN131 seal on ladder.
  • The plastic components may break.

Although it’s currently out of stock on Amazon, Finether’sTelescopic Loft Extension Ladder is an EN131 certified product—certifying that it is safe, eco-conscious, and reliable. The lightweight aluminium alloy construction gives it durability, easy portability, and rust protection. The ladder closes to a compact size which can be secured easily with the included strap.

The weight limit is a generous 150kgs, the ladder itself weighing 10.2kg. It is outfitted with bottom caps to keep the ladder from slipping when in use. Double coupling at every rung reduces the chance of getting fingers caught in the moving mechanism. Protection spacers minimise friction when closing the ladder. The extended length is 3.8 metres, but closed height is only 84cm.


  • The Finether ladder is constructed of lightweight aluminium, weighing just 10.2kg.
  • It includes a securing strap.
  • It conforms to EN131 standards.
  • There are safety measures that prevent pinching.
  • It can be used as a telescopic step ladder or extension ladder.


  • There is no stabiliser bar.
  • Even with safety mechanisms, you must ensure fingers are not in path of closing ladder.
  • The rungs close heavily/noisily.

Leogreen's Telescoping Ladder is a popular choice in telescoping ladders. This particular model opens to a height of 3.8 metres, however many different options are available, depending on your particular needs and preferences. For instance, you have the option of purchasing the ladder plus a carrying bag and/or stabiliser for added stability.These lightweight ladders are easy and safe to carry.

The maximum length is 3.8 metres and 80cm when fully closed. The ladder weighs 11.5kg and can support a weight of 150kg. These specifications are similar to the other ladders on the list, therefore you should also consider other features when making a purchase decision. The rungs are non-slip. This Leogreen ladder also complies with EN131 standards.


  • This ladder is lightweight aluminium making it resistant to rust.
  • It is affordable.
  • The Leogreen ladder features non-skid rungs.
  • It meets EN131 standards.


  • The base model doesn’t come with stabiliser.
  • There is no finger protection when closing.
  • It feels unstable at higher lengths.

Nestling’s Multi-Purpose Folding Telescopic Ladder is a value ladder perfect for occasional home chores. The rung-by-rung expansion allows you to use this ladder for a variety of small and big jobs. It folds up to 95cm for transport and storage. It is available in two heights: 3.2 metres and 3.8 metres. The specially-designed stabiliser bar increases the safety, as do non-slip rungs and rubber bottoms.

This ladder also features a stable locking key to move the adjustable parts smoothly; there is some finger protection to prevent pinching when closing the ladder, but caution must be taken to keep fingers away. The maximum allowed weight is 140kg; the ladder itself weighs 11.5kg.


  • The Nestling ladder is made of lightweight anodised aluminium.
  • It features large, anti-skid rungs that confer safety.
  • It has a stabiliser bar.


  • This ladder does not have an EN131 designation.
  • When closed, this ladder is slightly larger in height.
  • Purchase doesn’t include a carrying bag.
  • It has less weight capacity than the other featured ladders.
  • Users noted wobbling at higher levels.

Bargain ladders can be dubious options, few are able to blend value with performance. Abbey's Multi-Purpose Ladder is an example of a fold up ladder that delivers on both accounts. Made of aluminium, the ladder boasts sides that are 9% thicker than its competitors. This gives the ladder sturdiness, especially helpful when the ladder is extended. The extending ladder length is a generous 4.7 metres. It folds up to 1.24m. The ladder weight is 20.5kg and can support up to 150kg.

This model is outfitted with stabilisers, rung latches, and a safety stopper. It is also compliant with EN131 standards. What sets this Abbey Ladder apart though, is its versatility. It has a safety platform and can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder, or platform. The platform is a convenient feature because you can keep supplies on it as you work, rather than having to continuously climb up and down or use one hand to hold supplies.


  • It features a platform and versatile configurations.
  • Its construction includes thick, sturdy sides.
  • This ladder complies with EN131 standards.
  • The relatively long length makes it suitable for more varied jobs.
  • There are several safety features (stabilisers, rung latches, safety stopper).
  • Two people can work jointly at one time on this ladder.


  • This is a relatively heavy ladder.
  • The closed size is also large.
  • The size may not always work given ceiling/task height and desired ladder position.
  • There is little overlap at high extension and can feel precarious.

Lifewit Telescopic Ladder has a capacity to withstand up to 330 pounds. It has anti-slip caps both in the top and bottom for safety. Its retractile mechanism with locking pins makes it easier to carry and move around. Due to the ladder´s lightweight, you won’t need assistance from someone else to transport. Also comes with a strong strap to secure it together, making it easy to put away and it takes up no space. It features wider steps for better balance.

It also allows customization so you can select the height that you require with its self-locking mechanism. When the ladders 12 steps are fully extended it can reach up to 3.8 meters in height.


  • Includes an instruction manual
  • Safety mechanism
  • Compact size for easy transport


  • No warranty stated by the manufacturer

A strong contender is Charles Bentley Extendable Telescopic Ladder. This ladder has best selling status on Amazon. This affordable model boasts EN131-1, EN131-2, and EN131-3 certification. It is designed to have a full length of 2.6m. It has an aluminium body and straps/ropes made of nylon.

The safety locking mechanism, non-slip rubber feet, and quick opening and closing- features that make it an ideal ladder for home and work. The opened height is 2.6 meters, when closed it is jut 75cm. The lightweight model has one of the lowest weights in our list- just 7kg that supports up to 150kg.


  • The Charles Bently ladder is lightweight.
  • A carrying case available for purchase.
  • It is compact when closed.
  • There are several safety features.
  • It abides by numerous EN safety ratings.


  • Care must be taken due to its heavy, fast closing.
  • This ladder may not last as long as more durable models.
  • There is no stabiliser.

Finether Telescopic Ladder has the capacity to endure up to 150kg. The retractable ladder has a height of 96cm and when its 14 steps are fully extended it can reach up to 5 meters. It comes with a secure strap to hold it together making it easier to carry around. The solid aluminum construction makes this a durable model capable of protecting the structure from corrosion or rust.

The upper and lower parts of the ladder are safely secured with anti-slips caps to avoid any movement while using it. The double coupling on every step protects your hands from getting caught in the mechanism. It comes with a bag for easy storage.


  • It's eco-friendly
  • Includes free gloves and bag
  • Features a safety mechanism


  • Best used by two people due to its weight


Purchasing a ladder can help you complete innumerable tasks in and around the home without having to call in professional (albeit expensive) help. You will likely quickly recover your costs by doing these chores on your own. However, it is important to purchase a good quality ladder that will help you complete jobs efficiently and safely. The Abbey telescopic ladder is the best combination of value and function.

The varying configurations can make it useful in a variety of scenarios, giving your purchase mileage. The platform feature gives you the option of keeping necessary items within reach so you’re able to complete the task in one trip. Additionally, the fact that two people can climb up and work lends itself to speedy completion of your job. This ladder abides by EN131 and features several safety and ease-of-use features. You can purchase it here.

A Mini Guide To Telescoping Ladders and Their Uses

The use of telescoping ladders extends from regular household jobs to industrial uses in construction, and everything in between. This type of ladder is often used by emergency responders like the fire department who may have no alternative but to externally access tall buildings.Because they are collapsible, these ladders can be stowed within supply closets, garages, trucks, or any other space-limited area.

​Unlike industrial or professional users, people who buy telescoping ladders for the home may find a telescoping ladder to be the best type of ladder to purchase. The reason for this is because a telescoping ladder is entirely adjustable and can be used for a multitude of tasks without the need for buying more equipment.

Types of Telescoping Ladders and What to Consider When Buying a Telescoping Ladder

There are two broad categories of ladders: rigid and rope. As the name suggests, rigid ladders are ones that are usually leaned against a structure to climb; the rails and slats are hard. Rope ladders are hung from the high point; the rails are made of rope and the slats are made of hard material. Telescoping ladders are a type of rigid ladder. Many different types of rigid ladders can have telescoping ability. One hybrid telescoping ladder combines a step ladder and extension ladder.

The most important considerations when buying a telescoping ladder are size, material, and applicability for the job at hand. Obviously, when purchasing a ladder, you want one that will fit the current need as well as things that may come up in the future. Most homeowners can’t justify purchasing more than one ladder, therefore having a telescoping ladder can do many taskswith just one ladder.

The best telescoping ladders are able to become compact for storing. Telescoping ladders are able to expand, but can still be stowed compactly and transported in a car. This feature makes it easier to keep a ladder in a home with limited space. Furthermore, the ladder should be made from a durable material that doesn’t buckle under weight. Falling, due to inferior quality of the ladder, can have disastrous effects, especially when using a ladder with such a high reach. One may suffer broken bones or worse.You should also consider the weight capacity of the ladder.

As a precaution, you should not attempt to climb up a ladder with an inadequate weight capacity. Additionally, since there is considerable bulk in these ladders, it is advisable that you seek a lightweight model that can be carried from place to place without undue strain. Aluminium is a commonly used material for telescoping ladders, which doesn’t rust when used outdoors and in inclement weather. The ladder usually locks at increments along the length of the ladders, meaning that an exact height requirement may be difficult to achieve, but practically, it is usually sufficient for completing a variety of tasks.

While there is limited scope for additional features, newer models often are outfitted with an easier mechanism for unlocking and collapsing the telescoping ladder. This makes packing up easier and quicker. They also may include more reliable locking mechanisms. Price should also factor into a purchase decision; a general rule of thumb is that you will get greater reach, strength, and weight capacity with a higher budget.​

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