6 Best Spinning Bikes For Home Use In 2017 Reviewed

Updated November 2017

YES, It's true… cycling workouts are one of the best ways to get in shape. In fact, riding an indoor bike is one of the most efficient cardio workouts you can do. In terms of calories burned per hour, cycling is on par with jogging, running, and rowing.

Pretty awesome, right?

So, now you know spinning is winning, lets dive in to find out which bike is the best.​

Overview Of The 6 Best Spin Bikes In 2017

6 Of The Best Spin Bikes On The Market Reviewed

The We R Sports Revxtreme indoor cycle S1000 is a chain driven home use exercise bike that features a 13 kg flywheel. As one of the best rated spin bikes on the market, it comes in a compact 108X124X53cm heavy duty frame that weighs 30 kg. The frame is set on wheels which make carting it along surfaces easy.

The Revxtreme S1000 features ergonomic adjustable handlebars. It also comes with a generously padded and adjustable seat. It has a felt pad braking system with emergency stop system for instant braking. The built in 5 function console displays, distance, speed, scan, time and calories burnt during each session. Finally it has a weight capacity of 125 kg.


  • Adjustable seat and handlebars enable you to customise it to your preferred comfort levels
  • The 5 function console displays all you need to track progress
  • Its compact frame features wheel for easy transport


  • This bike tends to get louder as you increase resistance levels

The XS Sports aerobic indoor training exercise bike has a 15 kg solid stainless steel flywheel. The bike features a two way chain drive system. The frame measures 112X48X105 cm and weighs 35 kg. The front lower bar has built in wheels which make it easy to push along surfaces. Its fully adjustable handlebars feature arm and elbow rests for a better cycling feel. The generously padded seat is also adjustable vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

One feature that makes the XS Sports aerobic indoor training exercise bike one of the best spin bikes for home use is the reverse cycle feature that allows you to cycle backwards. It also includes a built in console that displays distance covered, speed, time, calories burnt and pulse. Its heavy duty powder coated frame can accommodate weights of up to 100 kg.


  • Compact front wheeled design saves on space and is easy to transport
  • Built in console collects and displays data that you can use to track progress
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars improve comfort
  • Reverse cycling allows you to exercise different lower body muscles


  • The seat is a bit small

One of the more popular indoor spin bikes, the F4H Olympic Rush ES705 has a 15 kg flywheel and has a chain drive transmission. The solid tubular frame measures 105X115X30 cm and weighs 33 kg. The F4H Olympic Rush ES705 has vertically and horizontally adjustable handlebars and seat. An adjustable resistance system allows you to set resistance to your preferred levels. It has a built in console that collects and displays data on speed, distance, time, scan and pulse. This spin bike has a maximum user weight of 100 kg.


  • Console displays all data needed to track progress
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars ensure that you’re comfortable when cycling
  • Adjustable resistance allows you to control intensity of your workout


  • The pulse sensor can give inaccurate readings

The Diadora fit bike racer 22 is a chain drive exercise bike and has a heavyweight 22 kg flywheel. The frame measures 120X53X120 cm and weighs 48kg. It has an adjustable pad resistance that allows you to set cycling intensity to suit your needs. Both the seat and handlebars are horizontally and vertically adjustable. The front lower stand has two wheels for easy transportation. A braking shoe is included for emergency stopping. It’s built in console displays speed, distance, pulse, calories burnt and time. This indoor training bike has a maximum user weight of 120 kg.


  • Heavy flywheel for a smoother cycling experience
  • LCD console collects and displays all data necessary to track progress
  • Built in front wheels make it easy to transport the spin bike


  • It’s a heavy spin bike and might need more than one person to assemble and carry

While not the cheapest spin bike on this list, the Sportstech SX200 is one of the most popular exercise bicycles on the market today. It’s a belt drive indoor bike that weighs about 44 kg. This spin bike’s sturdy frame measures 127X51X112 cm and it comes with a 22 kg flywheel. A step free resistance level adjustment allows you to effortlessly shift from one resistance level to another.

What sets the Sportstech SX200 apart is its assortment of tech enhanced features. Its console has a built in app that’s integrated with Google maps. This allows you to cycle on your favourite street that’s displayed on your tablet. The console also includes pre-programmed trainings and iBiking. Other features include adjustable handlebars and seat and a high quality water bottle. This spin bike has a maximum user weight of 125 kg.


  • Heavy weight flywheel enables fluid and intense workout
  • Feature rich console with app integrates with Google maps to enable you to cycle along your favourite track virtually
  • Step free resistance setting allows you to smoothly adjust resistance levels
  • Belt drive system produces little noise and is almost maintenance free
  • Includes transport wheel for transporting


  • It’s a heavy unit and might require more than one person to carry and assemble

The Medicarn MEDB001 aerobic bike has a 15kg flywheel and weighs approximately 25 kg. Its frame measures 101X49X116 cm. This spin bike has adjustable handles and seat. It also comes with variable resistance which allows you to make adjustments based on the amount of intensity you want.

One feature that makes this spinning bicycle stand out is the double direction which allows you to cycle backwards. It also features emergency stop for instant braking. The Medicarn MEDB001 comes with a built in LCD display that displays distance covered, time, speed, calories burnt and pulse.


  • Lightweight compact frame saves on space and is easy to transport
  • Double direction cycling allows you to train different lower body muscles
  • Multifunction console collects and displays data you need to keep track of progress
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars enable comfortable cycling


  • Short frame makes this exercise bike unsuitable for tall people


Finding the best spinning exercise bike marks your first step towards one of the best indoor training experiences. There are many spin bikes on the market and we’ve reviewed the top 5. However, there’s always going to be one spin bike that really qualifies as the best. Our pick is the Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX200. Its features such as the belt drive system, app integration, seamless resistance adjustment and heavy flywheel set it apart from the rest. If you’re looking for the best value for your money, the Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX200 is worth investing in. You can view the product here.

A Mini Guide To Spin Bikes And Their Uses

A spin bike is a piece of workout equipment that resembles a bicycle. It’s used as an exercise machine rather than a means of transport. Some of the parts included on spinning bicycles are a seat, handlebars and weighted pedals. The bike’s design is such that you can increase the amount of resistance on the pedals.

Spinning bikes are used for exercising the lower body. In some instances, the pedals and handlebars are connected such that exercising the whole body is made possible. Compared to normal cycling, spin bikes are low impact machines producing less stress on joints. This makes them a good choice for physical therapy. These bikes are also referred to as exercise bikes or stationary bikes.

It’s worth noting that Spin and Spinning bike are trademarks of a company developing these types of indoor bikes. For purposes of this review and guide, spin and spinning are a general term used to refer to exercise bikes developed by different companies.​

Different Types Of Spin Bikes And What To Look At Before Buying One

Most spin bikes come fitted with similar features. However, an easy way to distinguish between one exercise bike and the other is by looking at the types of features installed.


The weighted flywheel is loaded at the front of the spinning bike and rotates as you pedal. The weight of the flywheel is an important factor to consider when looking for your new spin bike. It’s considered that heavy flywheels provide more fluid cycling strokes for a more natural cycling feel. Many of the better home spin bikes come with flywheels with weights between 13kg and 20 kg.

The frame

The frame plays a crucial role on how well your exercise bike will perform. When taking this into consideration, you should look at features like adjustable seat and handlebars, stabilising legs, material used to build the frame and its total load capacity.

Drive system

The best spinning bikes feature either belt of chain drives. Belt drives are considered better as they’re quieter and easier to maintain.


You should find an exercise bike with variable resistance levels. That said, you can choose among four different resistance systems that include electromagnetic, electronic magnet, cable and manual screw.

Braking system

Like with outdoor bicycles, your exercise bike comes with a braking system. The common types of braking systems are resistance (fabric or leather) and magnetic.


Modern spin bikes come fitted with an on-board console that tracks progress and provides output. Many of the consoles will monitor things like distance covered, resistance levels and even heart rate.

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