How To Spend Less Time Cleaning

Can you list cleaning as your favorite activity?

Ask me this question and I will give you a sigh. It can be difficult thinking about how much cleaning you have to do every single day.

Is this how things will continue? Well, cleaning doesn't have to be a dreaded activity. You can turn it into a pleasurable activity, cut down the time you spend doing it, and extract extra time for important tasks. The following tips should act as a pill for boosting your productivity and cleaning habits.

1. Group Items

Sometimes, you have to rethink certain things before you can get the best out of them. You aren't going to reinvent mechanisms of cleaning, but you can become more efficient at it, which will save you time. One of the steps you can save more time is to make your dishwasher more efficient.

Many discreet items like brushes, food bowls, baby toys, etc., can be cleaned in the washer. They can be washed in group and you will save yourself the stress of cleaning different items in different places.

2. Team Up

If you are living with a friend or family or a roommate, working together can bring efficiency and free more time for you to focus on other important things.

However, you need to be careful. Sharing household chores can become demanding and could strain your relationship. But when done well, it can create a stronger relationship between you and those you are sharing with. You need to be understanding too.

For example, instead of waiting for someone to finish their chore such as hanging the washing out on the rotary airer, you can join them and finish together, especially if you are less busy. Aside from the benefit of enjoying a tidy and neat environment, you will also be living with people who love you and you love. These are a great and fast way to dry your clothes by the way. If you don't currently have one, check out the best rotary washing line here.

Sometimes they might not want to work, but you need to be patient and motivate them. And an excellent way of motivating them is through leading by example. Or you can have a reward system in place, which is good if you are trying to raise your children with good cleaning habits.

Сleaning the house

3. Get Organised

This ties with the teaming up idea above. When done right, it can make teaming up with others fruitful and sweet.

If you want to be efficient and save more time when you are cleaning, then you need adopt a proactive organizational strategy. When you are not organized, you will find yourself repeating certain cleaning either directly or indirectly.

For example, if you don't arrange your dirty clothes at the proper time, you will find that you need extra time to arrange them later on and other time to take them out for laundry. Not having a well planned system for cleaning can also make your house messy and make you look untidy and irresponsible.

Moreover, other areas like your home office, bedroom, garage, room, etc., will benefit in one way or the other through increase in organization since you will be able to clean them easily and faster. For example, if you don't have to pick up lots of item, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping those areas will become easier for you.

4. Eliminate Clutter

If you have to move through lots of clutter when you are cleaning, it becomes harder to complete the task since everything will become depressing to look at. And not only will you be confused about where to start but where to put all the clutter.

Cleaning will become tedious, boring, and energy sapping. Clearing out all the hodgepodge might even expose other areas that you had no access to previously and cleaning will become painless and plain.

One method keeping your home tidy is to keep a donation box close. When you come across any item that don't have a place or hasn't been used for a while, file it there. This way, you keep your resident tidy and inviting.

5. Make Cleaning Supplies Accessible

You can make a difference in your cleaning schedule by making sure cleaning supplies are located where they may be needed at any period. Keep your room and bathroom cleaning supplies close by and have your kitchen cleaning supplies right in your kitchen.

If you happen to have a baby crawls around a lot, this can help you clean-up faster when your baby messes up your kitchen or room. When you have to go around looking for supplies or you don't even know where they are, there is a chance cleaning at that moment will wait and take longer, making it harder and time consuming to clean later.

Another advantage is that you can clean any mess right away; when you see a looming cobweb in your bathroom right now, you have the supply to clean it up right now.

About the Author Harry Thompson

Gaining a BSc Honours in building/ property maintenance at the University of Portsmouth Harry went into the field of renovating properties. Along the journey, he has developed a wide variety of home & garden DIY skills such as installing new kitchens and landscaping gardens.