How Do You Select the Right Fireplace for Your Home?

Selecting the right electri​​​​c fireplace for your home can be a right or wrong try.

However, no one has the patience to buy a defective product or one that does not meet their needs.

For this reason, it is important to carry out essential research before buying your unit.

You have to learn the different styles available to you and decide before time which one is most suitable for your room. 

Again, you have to analyze your living or dining room and choose a location that is most fitting for a fireplace. Since this does not have to be at a fixed location, you have the perfect choice of choosing where it stands.

There are models with freestanding design that can suit any living or dining room without being fixed to one location. Moreover, there are others that can go into a pre-defined area in the room so that you don’t have to make a new location before buying it.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn about different factors you should consider if you want to buy the right fireplace for your living room:


1. Use the proper oil

Bigger electric fireplaces like mantelpiece or wall-mounted electric fireplaces can offer you a lot of control and settings to achieve the desired result.

Some models come with heat settings and thermostat for maintaining the correct temperature and heat settings

If you select a higher model too, it can offer you ambiance setting where you can increase or lower the lighting of the flames and ember.

Some may come with remote control as well as shut-off safety features so that you can control them without stand from where you site and also to put it off before it starts overheating.

Choosing the right oil for your deep fryer is half battle won. Once you know the type of oil you want to use, you will need to fill up the fryer with it, taking care not to over-fill or under-fill it.

If you have a model that have a minimum or maximum fill line, it becomes even easier as you have a ready gauge to guide your measurement.

​Length of the Power Cord

2. Turn it on and start operating

The length of the power cord is important especially if you are buying a wall-mounted or mantelpiece style electric fireplace. The length of the power cord depends on the type you are buying and how costly it is. Some models may come with cord that is up to 6 feet while some others are shorter than that.

Before selecting your device, you need to ensure that there is a power outlet close to where you want to install and avoid using an extension socket for safety reasons.

To start using your device, you need to turn it on by plugging it in and using the switch button to power it up.

After that, set the temperature and time and ensure that you obtain the right level of temperature for the oil without going over that.

You also need to maintain a temperature between 350 degrees F and 375 degrees F which is the suitable range for most of the cooking you will be doing.

If your device comes with a thermostat, you don't have to bother too much about the temperature as it will automatically determine the correct temperature.

However, if it doesn't come with one, you may have to get yourself a thermometer to select the right temperature for the oil.

Globe Replacement

3. Pat your food dry

The interesting thing about fireplaces is that the globes do lose their power and when they do, you need to replace them. Having some extra replacement globes with your purchase is wise as you will be prepared any time the globes give up. Although the heat will still be perfectly functioning, the dynamic display may not be there without a functioning globe.

Before drying any kind of food, make sure it is dried and doesn't have any traces of water. You can make use of a kitchen paper towel or cover the food in some dusting to remove any traces of water.

For example, freshly cut potatoes can be wiped with paper towel so that there is no water on it before throwing them into the fryer. Not doing this may cause some dangerous spilling of oil that may be injurious to you or children around.

Cracking Fire Sound Machine

4. Lower the food slowly into the fryer

If you want to even improve the ambiance of your electric fireplace, you can purchase a machine that replicates the sound of a crackling fire. This in addition to the perfect wood burning imitation will be close to having a real life fireplace.

Some fryers come with a basket that you can place the food you want to fry and carefully lower it into the fryer and once it's lowered it should lock in place.

However some models don't have this luxury and you may have to use a slotted spoon or your hands to get the food into the fryer. Whichever one you go with, you need to ensure you do it slowly to avoid any hazard.

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