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The Top Rated Models In 2019

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If you are looking for a review of all the best pressure washers in the UK, you have found the right place. 

We review all the latest and best pressure washer models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below, in the table, the pressure washer reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.


Best Pressure Washers Comparison Chart






  • Compact, powerful and lightweight
  • Lance, trigger gun and cable storage
  • Detergent suction tube for the application of detergents


  • LED display trigger gun
  • Include Home kit
  • Extendable plastic handle


  • 1700W induction motor for long life
  • A full portable pressure washer
  • High quality metal jetwash pump

The 10 Best Pressure Washers On The Market Reviewed

With a two years warranty from its manufacturer, this is one of the best pressure washers in the current market.

A powerful trigger gun, an automatic motor and the presence of a detergent suction tube allows a thorough cleaning of the car, patio and decking.

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the best pressure washer

An ultimate solution to all your cleaning needs and a must have item in the home at all times.

This powerful gadget comes with an adjustable setting for the amount of pressure you require and also has an LED display on its trigger gun that automatically guides you to exactly what setting you must use to clean that particular surface. 

A little expensive on the budget though, but with the features this it has to offer, it’s really worth the expenditure! Portable, compact and lightweight, and comes with a three years warranty. It is as tough and stable as ever, it will last for years to come.

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This electric pressure washer for the home is characterized by one of the most powerful motors of 1400W and a long lasting metal pump. It can maintain a 120 bar pressure with 440 liters/hour water flow and uses Quick and Swivel Coupling technology that makes a connection between the ergonomic spray handle and its 6 meters long high pressure hose.

The hose performs anti-twist swivel function to connect to it and a button that can disconnect it whenever needed.

It has an in built water inlet and an automatic start/stop button reducing wastage of any liquid detergent. Very compact in shape and can be rolled around to far off distances as the unit has strong and durable wheels on its base.

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This efficient high pressure washer will remove stubborn dirt such as mould, mud, grime, dust, and chewing gum from surfaces.

Standout Features

  • The device has a 120 bar cleaning performance.
  • Measuring 40 x 20 x 37.5 cm and weighing 4 kg, the device is compact and designed for portability. It has a broad base that gives it stability and enough storage for all accessories.
  • It has simple push-fit connections that make setting the device up easy. It comes with a 5 m high-pressure hose
Bosch EasyAquatak 120 High Pressure Washer
  • This model comes with a variable fan jet nozzle and a rotary nozzle that allow deep cleaning. The detergent nozzle will quickly apply the soap, saving you time.
  • It is a corded electric device with a 1500 voltage and wattage.
  • It is easy to use and set up.
  • The device can cover a wide range of different cleaning applications.
  • The pressure is not high enough but will work well on minor jobs.

The Autlead HP02A packs much needed punch in a small footprint.

An 1800 watt motor powers this small package.

This helps the machine to pump out 468 litres of water/hour at 140 bar. 

The adjustable nozzle comes with three selectable jets to match your cleaning needs.

Besides all this, the machine also has a detergent tank for efficient cleaning. 

The compact and lightweight design of the machine is also a boon.

Not only it helps for easy use and transportation, it also helps for space saving storage.

This devicewill clear stubborn stains from any outdoor household surfaces such as garden furniture and equipment. It will efficiently clean bicycles, motorbikes, and cars.

Standout Features

  • The appliance provides 135 bar pressure with 330L/h water flow. It delivers excellent cleaning results. It can take a maximum inlet water temperature of 60 degrees.
  • The 8m high-pressure hose has an explosion-proof inner layer that can withstand high temperatures and high pressure.
  • It is easy to connect and set up. You can adjust the pressure by rotating the nozzle. The device has an inlet filter that effectively prevents mechanical blockage.
  • The trigger gun has a safety lock. The device features a soap dispenser to wash any surface deeply.
  • The device has upright design wheels and a handle that provides easy movement. It provides easy storage of its accessories.
Stream 1700W 135Bar 330LH Pressure Washer
  • It is portable and compact.
  • The device is easy to control and efficient.
  • The high pressure hose may be difficult to connect.

With a permanent water cooled motor and aluminum pump head; this superb pressure washer also houses a Plug ‘n’ Clean System for a rapid change between various detergents.

This is an energy saving device that comes with a built in eco rotary switch, responsible for saving both energy and water by 20%.

Comes with a 5 years warranty from Karcher, one of the leading manufacturers of pressure washers in the world, and can also draw water from a static water source.

This multipurpose Tacklife pressure washer provides an efficient and time-saving solution to all your outdoor cleaning needs.

Standout Features

  • The device is a 1400W, 110 bar, 390 L/h cleaning system
  • It has a compact design which provides storage for all accessories. A broad base provides extra stability.
  • The device has push-fit connections that allow for quick and easy set up. It is equipped with powerful 360°rotating spray wands.
  • It has a 5-metre PA66 high pressure outlet pipe that can withstand high pressure water flow and high temperatures as well.
TACKLIFE Pressure Washer
  • It has a safety lock device TSS that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged.
  • For best performance, you can connect the washer directly to the bucket or to the faucet.
  • The device is durable.
  • It allows you to clean a number of surfaces efficiently.
  • Its high power makes it vibrate and make a lot of noise.

An automatic pressure washer designed using the latest technological implications, is the Karcher K7, which comes with an LED display that will guide you to adjust an accurate pressure setting for the surface you want to clean.

Compact and light in weight, this gadget can be used all over the house to clean off anything from even wooden or rough surfaces.

The Nilfisk C 135 pressure washer makes an everyday chore into enjoyable cleaning.

A 1700 watt motor powers the machine. 

The aluminium headed pump helps churn out 135 bar of maximum operation pressure.

The varying flow rate ranging from 380 to 440 litres/min to be suitable for a wide range of cleaning.


After reading this detailed review about the best electric washers for home use, you must have evaluated your own requirements like how extensive your usage is, your budget and the space you have available. Select any one from the above mentioned highly rated pressure washers list, since they are the most reliable products in the market these days and finalize your decision. The most popular on the market today is the Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer which you can find here.

Never regret a purchase.

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A Mini Guide To Pressure Washers Including The Different Variations

Electric Pressure Washers are mostly used to perform small scale cleaning and are best suitable for use within the home or office. They can be very conveniently plugged in for use and are light weight and noise free. They can be used to clean off dust and grime across backyards, furniture in patios, and vehicles etc.

Gas Pressure Washers are more conveniently used in tougher jobs and professional ones, like removing off thick paint or cleaning off exteriors of higher buildings.

Features Of An Ideal Electric Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is an electronic appliance that must have a robust motor, tough body unit and friction free mechanism for efficient and effective functioning. There are some basic features that you must attempt to check in an electric pressure washer, before you make your decision of selecting the best one for your own use.

DURABILITY & STRENGTH: The pressure washer unit must be made of strong and durable material such as aluminum that can provide for a long lasting performance and tolerate such a high amount of pressure.

MULTIPLE PRESSURE SETTINGS: The best pressure washer is indeed the one that allows you to use it at different pressure settings and also gives you the option of switching back and forth to the required amount.

POWERFUL MOTOR: A strong and robust motor is essential to ensure the power of the spray doesn’t drop.

POWERFUL NOZZLE: The rotary nozzle must be powerful to provide for more effective and efficient cleaning of the oil, grease or paint from rocky surfaces.

MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES: An ideal electric washer will come with several types of nozzles, each of which can perform a separate task. Also, check for the changing system of these parts, how easy it is to replace the parts.

PORTABILITY & COMPACTNESS: The unit must be light in weight and ideally possess a long wire cable and suction tube so it can be maneuvered over a longer distance. Also, the design of the unit must be compact so it is easy to carry and store the machine when not in use.

BUILT-IN WATER INLET: This feature protects the unit from damage by any debris present in the water line.

AUTOMATIC ON/OFF: This will ensure no detergent it wasted as this feature will automatically switch off its flow while not in use.

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