5 Best Portable Induction Hobs In 2019

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Tight spaces can make cooking difficult. Whether you live in a small apartment or bed sit or need an efficient cooking mechanism while you’re on the road, the portable induction hob is your best bet.

You can tuck it away when it’s not in use or use it to keep your food warm when entertaining friends. Take your culinary skills anywhere with the best portable induction hob.

Portable Induction Hobs

Portable Induction Hobs Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Weight 5.1 kg
Product Dimensions 57 x 33 x 11.2 cm
Weight 3.02 kg
Product Dimensions 9.6 x 32.8 x 41.8 cm
Weight 2.92 kg
Product Dimensions 42 x 35.4 x 9 cm
Weight 2.51 kg
Product Dimensions 34.2 x 27.6 x 5.6 cm
Weight 2.2 kg
Product Dimensions 65.5 x 44 x 11 cm

Top 5 Best Portable Induction Hobs In 2019 Reviewed

The Stellar double induction hob comes fitted with two heat zones to enable you to cook two meals simultaneously. The heat plate is made from thick glass that’s scratch resistant and breakproof. The glass is also designed such that spills don’t bake and cleaning is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth. It’s a 3100W induction hob with 8 temperature settings for cooking different types of recipes. The 8 settings range between 80 and 220 degrees centigrade.

The Stellar portable double induction hob also features a 99-minute timer which allows you to set cooking time. Although it’s one of the best portable cookers, the stellar double induction hob can also be easily converted into a built-in induction hob. It weighs 5 kg and comes in a black finish. Each induction hob comes with a 2-year electrical domestic guarantee.

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  • Double heat zones enable cooking two meals simultaneously
  • Versatile induction hob can be easily converted into a built-in unit
  • High wattage rating offers a wide temperature range for cooking different types of recipes
  • This induction hob is easy to use, clean and maintain
  • None

 The judge portable induction hob has a single heat zone and comes in a compact 2.9 kg body. As one of the better rated portable induction hobs, its 1800 watt coil offers fast heating times. The high wattage is complemented by 10 temperature levels ranging from 60 to 240 degrees centigrade. This allows you to cook a variety of recipes with a single hob.

The heat plate is made from high-quality scratch proof glass. This high-quality glass is also built such that spills won’t bake and are easy to clean off. The judge portable electric cooker has a built-in control panel that makes it easy to set cooking temperature as well as desired cooking time via the timer control. This portable induction hob is A+ energy efficiency rated and comes with a 2-year electrical domestic guarantee.

  • Lightweight, compact and attractive design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor kitchens
  • 10 temperature settings enable you to cook different types of recipes
  • The built-in control panel makes it easy to set your desired cooking temperature and duration
  • This portable halogen hob is easy to clean and maintain
  • The plastic body might easily crack after repeated use

The Stellar Glass Induction hob is a single heat zone portable electric hob. The hob is well built and designed for on-demand cooking. It’s rated at 2000 watts which allows it to heat up your induction cookware fast. It also comes with 8 temperature levels which make it easy to cook different types of meals. The heat plate is made from high-quality scratch proof and heat-proof ceramic.

The ceramic surface is also quite easy to clean. The Stellar glass induction hob has a front LED display control panel which enables easy setting of cooking temperature and time. The smooth touch buttons make it easy to make accurate settings. This portable electric hob weighs 3.1kg.

  • Variable temperature levels allow you to cook different types of recipes
  • Attractive, lightweight and sturdy design makes an excellent addition to any kitchen
  • This induction hob is easy to clean and maintain
  • This induction hob easily kicks into safe mode when the cooling system detects very high cooking temperatures. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to prepare certain meals which require high temperatures.

If you were to read through any portable induction cooker review, the Tefal everyday induction hob IH201840 is likely to be among the best-rated units.

It’s a single heat zone induction hob with a wattage rating of 450W to 2100W. This variable wattage rating allows you to choose among 9 different temperature levels for cooking.


Another feature that makes the Tefal everyday IH201840 one of the best portable electric hobs is its 6 pre-set cooking function for different types of cooking including manual, boil water, heat milk and deep fry. This portable ceramic hob has a 2 hours integrated timer which gives you better control over the cooking process.

The LED display control panel set against the black body of the hob makes it very easy to make the necessary adjustments. This induction hob’s heat plate is made from quality ceramic that’s scratch proof, heat-proof and easy to clean. The Tefal everyday IH201840 weighs 2.3kg.

  • Lightweight, compact and attractive design makes the induction hob an excellent choice for apartments and travel
  • High quality ceramic heat plate is easy to clean and highly durable
  • Variable wattage rating and 6 pre-set cooking function makes it easy to cook different meals
  • 2 hours timer gives you better control over the cooking process shutting off after the set time has elapsed
  • The hob is easy to clean and use
  • The lowest temperature setting on the hob might be too high for some recipes such as cooking rice

The VonShef’s Twin Induction Hob can accommodate two utensils up to a diameter of 26cm.

The hob works in the temperature range of 60 - 240 degree Celsius so it can be useful for a wide range of recipes. The hot plate is scratch resistant; hence cleaning is very easy. The LED screen lets you take control of the hob with ease.

The VonShef hob is a compact cooking solution to your mobile or small living needs.

  • Compact size
  • Efficient heating
  • Easy to use
  • Low heating cooking


Choosing a winner of the induction hobs reviewed was a hard task. However, if placed side by side, the Stellar double induction hob stands out as the best. The dual heat zones provided make it the obvious choice if you want to use induction cooking for most of your meals. The hob’s power consumption is also quite reasonable given that it has two heat zones. Other areas where this hob clearly stands out are the 8 temperature settings which allow you to cook a variety of meals and ability to be converted into a built-in unit. Overall, it offers excellent value for your money. You can find this induction hob here.

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A Mini Guide To Portable Induction Cooking

The portable induction hob is a type of cooking appliance that utilizes a magnetic field to create heat energy which is transferred to the food through special induction pans. It is portable like a mini oven or halogen oven.

The portable induction hob will cook one meal at a go, but if you want to make multiple meals or cook large amounts of food, consider built in ovens coupled with buying cooker hoods

We will offer guidance into buying a portable induction hob, and ensure that you get value for your money.

Induction cooking uses an electromagnetic current to create heat energy. The induction hob design includes a copper coil through which an electric current runs. As the current runs through the copper coil, an electromagnetic field is created.

Above the coil is a heat plate made from a non-ferrous material. This is usually thick glass or ceramic. This is what’s commonly referred to as the heat zone.

The reason why non-ferrous material is preferred over ferrous material is that the former won’t heat up when an electromagnetic field is applied to it.

Glass and ceramic are preferred due to their inability to conduct heat which ensures that they remain cool even during cooking. Glass and ceramic are also preferred due to their attractive and inexpensive nature.

When the electromagnetic field passes through the heat zone and onto a ferrous metal, it generates heat. This action is similar to that seen in transformers. Therefore, saucepans used to cook on induction hobs need to contain bases or surfaces made from a ferrous material such as iron or stainless steel.

Induction Hobs Vs Gas And Electric Hobs

The significant difference between induction hobs and their electric and gas counterparts is how heat is transferred onto the cookware’s surface.

Induction hobs transfer heat directly while the other two transfer heat indirectly.

This means that induction hobs are better at heat conservation since little heat is lost before it gets to the cookware’s surface.

Some of the advantages of investing in induction cookers over buying an electric or gas hob include the following:

  • Induction hobs are energy efficient
  • Induction hobs heat and cools faster making it easy to control cooking temperatures
  • The hobs heat zone doesn’t usually heat up to the point that it can burn
  • They are easier to clean
  • Induction cooking hobs come in modern and stylish designs

Although they are considered the best option compared to electric and gas hobs, induction hobs are usually more expensive. However, with their rise in popularity and many companies opting to manufacture induction hobs, their prices have been falling over recent years.

Types And Styles Of Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are divided into three main types. This is based on the style of their design.

Freestanding slide-in induction hobs

These are large units that usually consist of induction hobs over ovens. They’re designed to fit in between your kitchen counters. They typically have two or more induction heat zones or a combination of both induction and electric hob heat zones. They usually come with numerous features and are the most expensive type.

Built-in induction hobs

These usually have multiple cooking zones and are installed to look like their part of your kitchen countertop. Their suitability largely depends on how much countertop space you have and where you want them fixed. In many instances, built-in induction hobs are just portable types that are set in a countertop.

Portable induction hobs

These are highly portable units that offer convenience and versatility. They usually consist of a single cooking zone and include a wide range of features. This guide and review will focus on the best portable induction burners.

What To Consider Before Buying A Portable Induction Hob

Top plate material

Induction hobs come with a top plate that’s made from a non-magnetic material with low heat conductivity. This is usually glass or ceramic. The type of material used to make the heat plate and its thickness will affect the performance of the induction pot in many ways. These include:

  • The ability of the induction hob to heat cookware
  • The type of cookware that you can use on the hob
  • How easy the induction hob is to clean and maintain
  • The overall look of the hob

Wattage rating

The best portable hobs have a high watt rating within the range of 2000W to 5000W. A higher watt rating gives you a full range of heating levels for cooking different types of food. While still considering the evaluation, the induction hob should also be energy efficient and have some form of electoral protection mechanism to protect against accidents.

Heat zone(s)

You’ll use induction pots with different base diameters. The heat zone size should, therefore, be large enough to ensure that it covers the entire base of your induction pans to provide even heating. A portable cooking hob features a single or double heat zone. A double heat zone hob is the better choice if you want to use it as your primary cooking hob.


The best portable induction burner includes controls such as timers, variable temperature control, pre-set cooking functions and temperature warning.

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