The Best Oil Filled Heaters In 2017 Reviewed

Updated November 2017

The oiled filled radiator offers you an energy-efficient way of keeping your home warm in the cold winter months.

Whether you want to implement zone heating to save some money or add extra layer of heating to a room in your apartment or just thinking about replacing your existing models with oiled filled ones, there are plenty of options to choose from.

To narrow down the amount of research you need to do and assist you in your quest to making an informed decision, we have determined that these oiled filled radiator models will give you the best bang for your money:​

Overview Of The 5 Best Oil Filled Heaters In 2017

5 Best Electrical Oil Heater Reviewed

This 650 watt oil filled radiator comes in a compact light grey body. It measures 14X19X29.5cm and weighs a mere 2.7kg. The body features a carrying handle which makes it easy to carry from one room to another. The Warmlite wl43002y has 5 fins which disperse heat to surrounding environments fast and efficiently. The front control panel has an on/off button and an adjustable thermostat which makes it easy to set the unit to heat rooms to your desired temperature.

The thermostat automatically shuts off once the desired temperature is reached. This mini oil filled heater contains an eco-friendly heat conducting oil that heats up fast even in low temperatures and remains heated even when the unit turns off. It has been pressure tested to ensure that it’s safe to operate even when the oil reaches high temperatures. It comes with a 2 year guarantee if registered with the manufacturer.


  • Small and lightweight design is highly portable and space efficient
  • Utilizes fast heating and energy efficient eco-friendly oil
  • Pressure tested and thermostat make this oil filled radiator safe to use


  • Its small size makes it only effective in relatively small rooms

The Kingavon BB-OR110 is a 1500 watt oil filled radiator that will heat up small to medium size rooms. It comes in a sleek black body that includes 7 radiator fins which increase the unit’s available surface area for fast and efficient heat dispersion. It weighs 6kg and measures 58.2X38.2X13.6cm. For easy transportation, this oil radiator includes a carrying handle and caster wheels.

Its front control panel is easy to use with simplified buttons. One feature that makes the Kingavon BB-OR110 one of the best oil filled heaters is its 3 heat settings which give you more control over the amount of heat generated. A built in adjustable thermostat further ensures you have control over the units heat output and, it can automatically shut off when the desired temperature is reached.


  • 3 temperature settings and thermostat give you better control over heat generated
  • Caster wheels and carrying handle make transporting this unit easy
  • Elegant black and white finish blends in with most furniture and decor


  • It’s not efficient in heating medium size rooms

One of the best oil filled radiators within the 1500 watt range; the Fine Elements oil filled radiator offers a blend of elegant design and heating efficiency. This heater comes on an elegant grey coloured body that measures 38X14X58cm. Besides saving on space, it will complement any furniture or decor you have in your rooms. It has an easy to use control panel that allows you to make the necessary temperature adjustments.

Like many of the units you find in oil filled radiator heater reviews, the Fine Elements oil filled radiator comes fitted with a thermostat. This allows you to set the desired temperature output and then let the unit handle the rest. The fine elements oil filled radiator also comes with three temperature settings for better control over the heat it generates. It weighs approximately 7kg and caster wheels are provided to make it easy to transport.


  • Sleek and lightweight design saves on space and is easy to transport
  • Easy temperature control through the built in thermostat and three heat settings


  • This oil filled heater doesn’t effectively heat medium size rooms

One of the best portable oil heaters for medium to large sized rooms, the VonHaus 11 fin 2500 watt oil filled heater makes a good choice for both home and office use. It comes in a 48X24X62.8cm body that saves on space. It weighs 11kg and can be easily carted along surfaces using the provided caster wheels. This oil filled heater comes with several useful features that make it easy to operate.

For safety purposes, it includes a safety tip over switch, automatic overheat protection and thermal cut off. You can easily automate the heaters operation through the 24 hour timer. Like other units in oil heater reviews, the VonHaus 11 fin 2500 watt oil filled heater comes fitted with an adjustable thermostat and 3 power settings. It comes with a free extended 2 year warranty if you register your unit with the manufacturer.


  • 2500 watt oil filled heater with 11 fins will efficiently heat mid to large size rooms
  • Highly portable unit thanks to caster wheels
  • Great safety features to protect the unit as well as your home from damage


  • The timer dial makes a ticking noise when adjusting it which can be irritating

The Prem-I-Air 2.5kw oil filled radiator is one of the few units you can expect to find in many oil heater reviews. It’s a well designed unit that’s best suited for small, medium and large rooms. The unit measures 65X16X62cm and weighs 15kg. Although quite heavy compared to competing units, it’s easy to transport thanks to the provided caster wheels and carrying handle.

The Prem-I-Air 2500 watt oil filed radiator features 11 fins which increase the surface area exposed to the outside environment. This speeds up heat dispersion from the unit to adjacent spaces. Its front control panel is easy to use. It includes controls for heat setting, 24 hour timer and adjustable thermostat. This heater also includes a safety cut off switch which prevents premature damage due to overheating.


  • 2500 watt heater with 11 fins ideal for mid to large size rooms
  • 3 temperature settings make it easy to control heat generated
  • Sleek design with caster wheels and handle is easy to transport


  • It’s a bit heavy compared to competing units within the 2500 watt range


All of these oil filled heaters are high quality and efficient products. However, if you’re looking for the best oil filled heater among them, we’d recommend the VonHaus 2500 watt oil filled radiator. Being a 2500 watt unit, it will heat up even large rooms fast. Its 3 heat settings allow you to use it in a variety of room sizes. It also includes several useful features such as the safety tip over switch which enhance its safety and 24 hour timer which allow it to turn on by itself. Overall, if you’re looking for the best portable oil heater that provides good value for your money, the VonHaus 2500 watt 11 fin oil filled radiator is worth considering. You can find the product here.

A MIni Guide To Oil Filled Radiators And How They Work

Oil filled radiators are household heating appliances. As their name suggests, they are filled with oil. In many appliances and engines, oil is used as a lubricant and coolant. However, in radiators, oil is used as a heat reservoir. The best oil heaters contain a special kind of diathermic oil.

This type of oil has a high boiling point and specific heating capacity. It’s able to retain heat longer than most liquids and remains in liquid state longer even when exposed to extremely high temperatures.

Oil filled radiators are made up of a main body containing the diathermic oil. The body design includes fins and columns which disperse heat to the surrounding environment. It also contains a heating element which actively heats the oil. Other features you’ll find on modern oil filled heaters are a control panel and thermostat.

Oil filled radiators are electric appliances. As electricity passes through the heating element, it heats up the oil which flows through the columns passing heat through the fins to the adjacent environment. Once the desired temperature is reached, the built in thermostat shuts the unit off. However, due to the oils ability to retain heat longer, constant room temperatures are easily maintained.​

Types Of Oil Filled Radiators

Oil filled heaters operate in the same way as the radiators and there are no major types to choose from. However, in order to find the specific unit that meets your heating needs, here are some of the important considerations to make.

Considerations To Make When Selecting The Best Electric Oil Heater

Size and weight

Many of the best oil filled heater appliances for home use are compact and highly portable units. They don’t require special installation. However, bulky units can take up a lot of space and be difficult to transport. You should try to find a unit that’s small enough to fit within the space available and light enough to carry around. If it’s a large unit, consider one with caster wheels.

Power rating

Many of the best oil heaters for home and office use come in power ratings between 500 and 2500 watts. A high power rating indicates that the heater will take a shorter time to heat up the oil. If possible, you should also invest in a unit with more than one heat setting. This gives you better control over how much heat it generates.


One advantage of investing in an oil filled heater is that its safer compared to traditional heating like firewood and gas. However, this doesn’t mean that these units are completely safe. You’ll need to find a unit that comes fitted with safety features such as a thermostat, thermal safety cut off, sturdy topple free construction and anti-freeze settings.

Other important considerations

Some of the other important considerations to make when choosing your oil heater include ease of use, low or maintenance free operation, built-in timer, design, price, brand and guarantee.

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