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Well folks, it's that time of the year - Winter! If you are looking for a review of the best oil filled radiators in the UK, you have found the right place. We take our job pretty seriously, and know that money well spent is its own reward. What could be better than comfortable nights with some of the best fan heaters to warm those cold bones and keep Jack Frost at bay?! Let's transform your home into the cosy spot we know it can be!

We review the latest and best oil filled radiator models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home. Looking for a tidy, slimline unit designed with frost protection? Perhaps you're searching for a stylish, compact electric oil filled radiator with timer? We've done the legwork and collected a few great reviews from Amazon customers and more (hey, they were happy to provide an honest review!)


Below, you will find our oil filled radiator reviews. We start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, please use the table provided. For those of you who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each model reviewed. You're welcome to leave a review on what you consider the best oil filled radiator on the market. 

Best Oil Filled Radiators Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Coopers of Stortford 600W Oil Filled Radiator
Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline Oil Filled Radiator
Fine Elements Oil Filled Radiator, 1500 Watt
Dimplex OFRC20C Heater
De`Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

The 5 Best Oil Filled Radiators On The Market Reviewed

This Coopers of Stortford radiator checks all the boxes if you are looking for a high power wall mounted, electric oil-filled radiator.  The radiator measures at 55cm high, 72cm wide and 5cm deep and also comes with a 1.5m long power cord for desired install location. It's quite an efficient model and heats up to the required temperature within a short time. The thermostat regulates the temperature by constantly switching the radiator on or off, indicated by a handy light signal. We have heard back from a number of customers willing to provide a radiator review.  

June from Yorkshire: "I sold my place last year, moved into a nifty 1 bedroom apartment with half a kitchen lol. I wanted to do more travelling as I semi-retired from my job of 35 years last month. Everything I currently own has a definite place, is reliable and provides maximum benefit in my current situation. I'm not interested in storage options hence me selling off most of my possessions.

The best oil filled radiator

This electric oil-filled radiator was one of my first purchases, i brought a friend to guide me in my search for home appliances - she went through this last year when she remodeled her kitchen and bathroom. She's a fan of minimalism i.e. no storage backup as she hates clutter. Nifty appliance, superb heat settings, can guide it anywhere, even the bathroom - that was important for me as my bathroom is the place I can relax at the end of a long day. My kitchen sees little use but can become quite cold because of the tiling so this is useful everywhere. Gave a great radiator review on oil-filled units on Amazon as well." 

Sheryl from Bristol was pleased with her buy: "My husband, Peter and I were looking to buy a portable radiator off Amazon that exuded a pleasing amount of heat. We rent a 65-sq foot apartment so we wanted something that wasn't bulky, easy to move, and efficient. We're trying to become more eco-conscious and wanted a quality but simple-to-use product! Our third pick in 8 months, the first two choices were based on a review we read here and there, didn't do us any favours back then. Found this and it's truly the best portable oil filled radiator, has a lengthy cable so you can plug it across the room but feel the heat at your feet, great heat settings that warms the place within an hour, small enough for easy storage in the kitchen. You know what they say, third time's the charm - one of the best oil filled radiators! I left a more indepth oil filled radiator review on the manufacturer's site"

Mark from Devon raves about his purchase: "I flip apartments for profit. Most of the time, the places we're renovating are the pits! No central heating and outdated plumbing usually greet us in the wee hours of the morning(my review gets better). My crew and I spend upto 18 hours a day in these spots and we need our tools to be energy efficient yet remain cost effective. We've purchased a few of these portable heaters to carry around on the job. I checked out Amazon and other online retailers while trying to find a powerful, portable oil filled radiator. This unit isn't heavy, functions well with decent hot air dispersion through these fins. These are lightweight heaters and can be operated by kids! Stores away into a broom cupboard in the kitchen. It's that simple to use. If you purchase one of these units, leave an oil filled radiator review for others, it's helpful and provides guidance."

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  • High efficient heating
  • Compact design and simple to use
  • Suitable for small spaces

The Kingavon BB-OR110 is a 1500 watt oil filled radiator that will heat up small to medium size rooms. This electric heater has a sleek black body that includes 7 radiator fins which increase the unit’s available surface area for fast and efficient heat dispersion. It weighs 6kg and measures 58.2X38.2X13.6cm. For easy transportation, this oil radiator includes a carry handle and caster wheels.

Its front control panel is easy to use with simplified buttons. One feature that makes the Kingavon BB-OR110 one of the best oil filled heaters is its 3 heat, 7 fin settings which give you more control over the amount of heat generated. A built in adjustable thermostat further ensures you have control over the unit's heat output and, it will automatically shut off when the desired temperature is reached. Why do we love this little 7 fin oil filled radiator with stunning black finish? It's sleek, has style and the unit switches off thermostatically! Leave a radiator review of your own - we welcome consumer views and opinions.

Alex from the Berkshire area can recommend this: "Many units come with an adjustable thermostat, but how many switch off on their own, for this price?? It's a smart slimline oil filled radiator with perfect heat levels that disperse air equally. I read about it online and bought one a few months ago, quickly purchased the second (on sale!) last week from Amazon for my roof eco-greenhouse, the warm air is wonderful for my hothouse plants and I've installed fans for equal heat dispersion. It's super easy to move for one thing (bathroom, bedroom, lounge), with a carry handle that allows you to move it from room to room, and it's perfectly sized - fits anywhere! Pretty smart with the black paint job as I'd repainted my living room with a mix of silver and black tones. It's energy efficient if you're on a budget. No need to fiddle about with knobs or adjust the legs or fin - that's the allure of convenient electric oil filled heating power."

Jackie from Surrey purchased 3 from Amazon as holiday gifts last year: "I'll be honest, most of the time bargain priced goods can have a faultiness about them. I purchased these Kingavon oil filled radiators as they were going for a 'buy 2, get 1 free' deal I read about. I live in a 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom house so this was not the right solution for my personal settings regarding warm air control. My youngest daughter just went off to college so I gave her one of these mobile units. She's pretty frugal (though she likes popular items) and called me a week later, yelling how happy she was with it, 'Mom, it's the best oil filled radiator, fits my budget with no overheating, the black finish looks really smart as well. I use it once every 2 or 3 days, depending on the weather, and since the flat is tiny, it's heating power remains pretty solid throughout! Oh, yeah, please tell dad to review the insurance on my car!' What can I say, much cheaper than the new iPhone!"

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  • 3 temperature settings and thermostat features give you better control over quickly generated heat
  • Caster wheels and carry handle make transporting this unit easy
  • Elegant black and white fins blend in with most furniture and decor
  • It’s not efficient in heating medium size rooms, suitable for small spaces

One of the best oil filled radiators within the 1500 watt range; the Fine Elements oil filled radiator offers a blend of elegant design and heating efficiency. This heater comes in an elegant grey coloured body that measures 38X14X58cm. Besides saving on space, it will complement any furniture or decor you have in your rooms. It has an easy to use control panel that allows you to make the necessary temperature adjustments.

Like many of the units you find in oil filled radiator heater reviews, the Fine Elements oil filled radiator comes fitted with a thermostat. This allows you to set the desired temperature output and then let the unit handle the rest.

The Fine Elements oil filled radiator also comes with little extras, e.g. three temperature settings for better control over the heat it generates. It weighs approximately 7kg and caster wheels are provided to make it easy to transport and move around.

As its name suggests, Fine Elements offers stylish design paired with sophistication at affordable prices. Surface saving dimensions usually imply companies had to skimp on quality elsewhere, however, the tidy unit is extremely efficient within a small space. Whether you're looking at heating up a small home or office, this portable oil filled radiator offers modern features at an affordable price and quickly handles like a pro. Read an oil filled radiator review below or leave one of your own!

Racquel from the East Sussex area: "I look for products that offer long term guarantees, a good amount of value for money and require a low maintenance mode for the house. Right now I'm trying to take care of my health and cut-out stress, Type II Diabetes is no joke and my physician impressed on me the need to stay adequately heated/warm in winter and cool in Summer. 'Be comfortable', he said! You don't think an electric heater can offer much protection right? What about a portable oil radiator for someone who stays alone? Lugging a heavy oil-filled radiator from room to room is not easy for a 62 year old but Fine Elements offer one of the best oil filled radiators with adjustable thermostat for its smaller dimensions. You decide on making small changes that help make your life comfortable and safe. I'm not looking for the most popular or stylish, I just want a big 'YES' on affordable performance with a warranty as backup. On a cold day, the warm air from this oil-filled radiator warms these cold toes. They designed a great system with this 6 fin oil filled radiator."

Sully from Hertfordshire: "My days run pretty routine with super early hours. I don't care for frills or popular items and I'm not going to check Twitter or Amazon for 'movement' on the hottest electric heater or read a 50-page manual to make it function. Personal recommendations are the best tips a prospective buyer can look for. I have pets, 2 fluffy dogs, so I needed something tidy and compact with safety features, and designed in a way where I could control the amount of heat without being house bound  all day. What does it cost? Is it a good fit for me and the furry kids? Is there an issue with overheating? I'm a discerning user, looking to cut-out waste. I value useful tools so the way a product handles can offer a look into the adjustable ease it adds to your life. I wanted a model with a decent range: overheat protection safety features and an hour timer - it takes that long for my space to warm up. This model efficiently provides impressive central heating (amazing air dispersion) for my space without breaking the bank with one mode - automatic convenience is key to my day! Strong warranty adds peace of mind, top of the range in my books and one of the best oil filled radiators for value - take care." 

  • Sleek and lightweight design saves on space and is easy to transport
  • Easy temperature control through the built-in thermostat and three heat settings
  • This 6 fin oil filled heater doesn’t effectively heat medium size rooms, suitable for smaller spaces.

Dimplex OFRC20C Heater is an electric radiator with a 2Kw heat output. Very easy to install, just plug in and use. It works with an oil-free technology that will allow the heater to warm up faster than any other model on the market. It’s very light and easy to carry and locate in any room in your house. It features a variety of heat settings, castors, including wheels attached around the base area so you will be able to easily slide it as you walk. 

This electric heater is only available in a white, light grey model. When working its super quiet, no noise is generated. Total length cable is 1.3 meters that you can neatly arrange it within a special compartment.

Beth from Kent: "My family and I have just purchased our first home with a beautiful garden and we were hunting for a more eco-friendly heating option. We have installed solar panels so the company informed us that our electrical bill would ultimately work itself into the negative even while connected to the normal outlets - top notch! Everything from the geyser in our bathroom to the ceiling fans are connected so we're happy to hunt for 'bargains' knowing we're not contributing negatively to the environment - it's a powerful incentive. 

My husband loves camping and going off in caravans for the summer holidays. During the winter, however, we have family over, and comfort is essential to happy holidays. We want warm but not stuffy and needed a few, easy to move electric heaters with carry handles. Having your own home gives one additional responsibilities. You're looking at a number of requirements per room, specific to the inhabitant.

The problem comes in when different individuals inhabit the room during the year - our kitchen's heat levels are perfect but we cannot have ovens and stoves in every room haha! Having these Dimplex portable heaters with a number of adjustable features, including safety features, plug in 2kw - 2.5kw model power and timer settings add up to perfect products that are [thankfully] easily energy efficient and provide a great solution for all my heated needs. Cable folds neatly away with the designated compartment. Castors ensure easy transport. A warm, cosy, comfortable home warms the heart!"

Douglas from the West Yorkshire area: "I've been working construction since my early 20s and have seen great, powerful changes come about in the last 30-odd years. I have installed central heating products and models, and upgraded a number over the years. Some give off poor energy performance levels but others are top performers with great reviews and a little extra oopmh! You would think I would advise installing permanent central heating features but the truth is the only permanent fixtures [that seem reasonable] is plumbing. People chop and change their home like there's no tomorrow! I fitted in a convection oven in my kitchen last week, why? I love making proper meals for family and friends. This model fits my life just like this portable thermal system. Castors for easy transport, cable compartment for tidy storage, maximum effort in a small unit. It's one of those old school tools that easily age well so my review and helpful guide for potential customers of the Dimplex electrical radiator with timer - a top choice for 2018!"

Mary from East Riding: "I'm downsizing, kids are off to college. The hubby and I have rented a 2 bedroom retirement bungalow home with a tiny garden on a good estate - our health demanded a change in scenery. We need temporary, easy features and options seeing as we're living in smaller spaces. I don't want to look for the operation manual everytime i want to turn settings thermostat to warm, or worse, look for the power switch! We're not digital gurus and prefer the old tools when life was simpler. I turned 1 bedroom into a small office, hunted around for some great choices in furnishings. Our top concern is comfort living on a sustainable scale. The air here can really bite during Winter and making all things cosy just adds to our retirement plan. We looked on Amazon for a few heating options and came across a number of solid choices in the range. It was confusing to start with, we didn't know the difference between a mini oil filled radiator and a column radiator. Was it better to have an oil radiator and was that similar to a oil filled column radiator? In the end, I asked my son to guide us - warms my heart, bless him. The Dimplex 2kw electric radiator with timer has castors with wheels - great for transport! Nothing digital about this though it comes with an adjustable thermostat, key safety features, and impressive surface dimensions, saving you space. If you're big on performance, a stickler for timer settings and want an effective, popular, lightweight unit, 2kw - 2.5kw model radiator with timer, this is a great company to purchase from." 

  • 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Due to its heat output, it can warm a large room or a small home or office in no time.
  • Thermostat included regulating the temperature.
  • Can increase your electricity bill if used for long periods of time.

De`Longhi Dragon 4 Radiator is an electric heater with a 2Kw heat output and 3 different power heating levels.Only available color is white. It has a control panel that includes two knobs for controlling the temperature and one which is a 24-hour timer. Its Oil Filled technology and “chimney” style design allows the heat to last for a very long time, even when the unit is not functioning. 

Its easy to move from room to room with a handle and built-in wheels; no assembly required and cord storage. It also includes an anti-frost option and a safety function to prevent overheating.

Sonny from Lancashire: "The wife wanted an electric radiator for the bathroom, lounge and both bedrooms - nothing for the kitchen, we eat out alot! She's a little superstitious so she didn't want to see the fin sticking out, said she's always burnt herself on the old heaters with 'fins that poke out' haha. 

She browsed on Amazon, loves using her digital tools, read lotsa things and said she was gonna review this purchase after using it for 2 weeks. Mind you, she also started a search for a hemp luggage set too! She read up reviews on this reliable system: numerous heat settings on slimline oil filled radiator. Her friend, Bitsy bought an oil-filled radiator with timer but didn't know a thing and asked my wife, 'Darleen, what do you suppose an electric oil filled column does? Do we need to refill this every month?' Made us chuckle when she questioned if a mini oil filled radiator would look cuter in her 5 year old's room." 

Dane from Scotland: "My wife and I both work, we have a sitter but baby-proofed the house for Emmy, our 2 year old mini me. That took forever because she made us review about 50 books prior to doing it. Bought 3 of these electric portable radiators when they moved onto the market, some really good advertising but it does what it says and we like the company having owned a few of their products (fan, coffee maker). We have a 3-room place. It's an older building but pretty cool architecture, set with a stoneware kitchen. The central heating gave out a decade ago, according to the super. Naturally, we worry about overheating, we have automatic ceiling fans but babies are so sensitive so we use an electric oil filled column radiator with timer - everything we purchase these days has a timer for the baby. We vet every product and company we use. We just did a mini renovation, refitted and designed our bathroom with products that have eco-friendly rating. That's key for us you know, to set an ideal example for our daughter." 

  • No noise generated - ideal for office settings.
  • Works quickly for rooms with up to 60m3.
  • Effective, electric oil filled heating even in low setting.
  • 10-year warranty for U.K and Ireland.
  • Doesn’t come with a digital display.


All these oil filled heaters are high quality and efficient electric oil filled radiators. However, if you’re looking for the best oil filled heater among them, we’d recommend the VonHaus 2.5kw oil filled radiator. Being a 2.5kw unit, it will heat up large rooms fast. Its 3 heat, 24 hour timer settings allow you to use it in a variety of room sizes. It also includes several useful features such as the safety tip-over switch which enhance its safety protocol and 24 hour timer for self-regulation. Overall, if you’re looking for the best portable oil heater that provides good value for money, the Cooper oil filled radiator is worth considering. You can find the product here.

Never regret a purchase.

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A MIni Guide To Oil Filled Radiators And How They Work

Oil filled radiators are household heating appliances. As their name suggests, they are filled with oil. In many appliances and engines, oil is used as a lubricant and coolant. However, in radiators, oil is used as a heat reservoir. The best oil heaters contain a special kind of diathermic oil.

This type of oil has a high boiling point and specific heating capacity. It’s able to retain heat longer than most liquids and remains in liquid state longer, even when exposed to extremely high temperatures.

Oil filled radiators are made up of a main body containing the diathermic oil. The body design includes fins and columns which disperse heat to the surrounding environment. It also contains a heating element which actively heats the oil. Other features you’ll find on modern oil filled heaters are a control panel and thermostat.

Oil filled radiators are electric appliances. As electricity passes through the heating element, it heats up the oil which flows through the columns passing heat through the fins to the adjacent environment.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the built in thermostat shuts the unit off. However, due to the oil's ability to retain heat longer, constant room temperatures are easily maintained.

Types Of Oil Filled Radiators

Oil filled heaters operate in the same way as the radiators and there are no major types to choose from. However, in order to find the specific unit that meets your heating needs, here are some of the important considerations to make.

Considerations To Make When Selecting The Best Electric Oil Heater

Size and weight

Many of the best oil filled heater appliances for home use are compact and highly portable units - don't be afraid to choose a few before narrowing it down. They don’t require special installation, however, bulky units can take up a lot of space and be difficult to transport. You should try to find a unit that’s small enough to fit within the space available and light enough to carry around. If it’s a large unit, consider one with caster wheels.

Power rating

Many of the best oil heaters for home and office use come in power ratings between 500 watts and 2kw or 2.5kw, depending on price. A high power rating e.g. 2.5kw indicates that the heater will take a shorter time to heat up the oil. If possible, you should also choose a unit with a few heat settings (0.5kw - 2.5kw) as you have more variety and it gives you better control over how much heat it generates.


One advantage of investing in an oil filled heater is that its safer compared to traditional heating like firewood and gas. However, this doesn’t mean that these units are completely safe - safety features exist for a reason! You’ll need to find a unit that comes fitted with safety features such as a thermostat, thermal safety cut off, sturdy topple free construction and anti-freeze settings. If the unit you're considering does not list safety features, move on - you'll thank us later. 

Other important considerations

Some of the other important considerations to make when choosing your oil heater include ease of use, low or maintenance free operation, built-in timer, design, price, brand and guarantee.

Reading a radiator review gives one insight into the products on show, if you'd like to comment or leave a review of your own, please contact us. 

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