5 Best Mini Fridge Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 20​20

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Mini fridges are perfect for road trips, small flats, student rooms, and not to mention chilling beers when you’re entertaining. You can even keep one in your bedroom to create that hotel room feeling.

If you’re looking for the best mini fridge models on the market, our review covers budget and luxury cooling units and their unique features.

Best Mini Fridges Reviews

Best Mini Fridges Comparison Chart

The 5 Best Mini Fridges On The Market Reviewed

The best mini fridge is the 17L Chillquiet Mini Fridge By Bar@drinkstuff. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Another mini bar fridge from bar@drinkstuff, the ChillQuiet is an energy efficient appliance that comes in a compact design. It measures 46.6X43X40cm and weighs 8kg. It features a lockable door and removable shelf.

The ChillQuiet counter top mini fridge offers a temperature range of between 18⁰C and 5⁰C based on an ambient temperature of 25⁰C. This is achieved by the extra quiet thermoelectric cooling system.

17L Chillquiet Mini Fridge By Bar@drinkstuff

One feature that makes this counter top mini fridge stand out is its energy efficiency. It Energy Efficiency rated class B and consumes just 0.39KWh/24h. This mini refrigerator can only be powered from the mains socket. The 3 pin plug isn’t provided with your order.

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Second place goes to the White 17 Litre Cooler By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

If you’re looking for a cheap mini fridge for your kitchen, office or bedroom, the Russell Hobbs 17 litre compact mini fridge is worth considering. Measuring 34.1(h) X 38.5(w) X 42.2(d) cm and weighing 7.3kg, this compact appliance will fit snugly on most counter tops. It has a removable shelf and 1 shelf in the door to maximise on storage space.

The Russell Hobbs 17 litre compact mini fridge comes with a variable thermostat with a temperature range of between 5⁰C to 15⁰C and is rated A+ for energy efficiency. The extra added bonus of this fridge is it comes with a years warranty so you know your in good hands.

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White 17 Litre Cooler By Russell Hobbs

Third place goes to the Bottle Rack 17L Cooler By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The RHCLRF17B table top cooler is one of the popular mini bar fridge models on the market today. It has a large 17 litre capacity which offers abundant space to store food and drinks. It has a temperature range of between 5⁰C and 15⁰C based on a 25⁰C ambient temperature. This mini fridge has an adjustable thermostat which gives you control over the prevailing temperatures within the unit.

The RHCLRF17B table top cooler measures 46.6X43.6X39.4 cm and weighs 8kg. Its interior has a removable wire rack which makes it easy to organise items stored within. It also comes fitted with adjustable feet which make it easy to place the fridge on different surfaces. This fridge can only be connected to a 220V to 240V mains socket and is A+ energy efficiency rated.

Bottle Rack 17L Cooler By Russell Hobbs

Fourth place goes to the Mini Fridge For Camping & Traveling By Costway. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Costway's mini portable fridge can also act as a food warmer.

In its refrigeration mode, the temperatures can go as low as 7℃ making it ideal for storing drinks and fruits.

The warmer mode can have temperatures as high as 50-65℃. With 26 litres of storage volume, you can pack a lot more.

The Costway is also simple to use.

The fridge cum warmer comes with a square-shaped digital LCD display for easy temperature setting.

Mini Fridge For Camping & Traveling By Costway

Fifth place goes to the Mini Fridge With Thermoelectric Cooler By Bar@drinkstuff. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

This mini fridge from bar@drinkstuff has a 15 litre capacity and will hold up to 6 cans of your favourite soda or beer.

It’s a thermoelectric cooler and warmer with a cooling range of between 12⁰C below ambient temperature to a minimum of 5⁰C. The thermoelectric cooler is quiet and energy efficient. However, it isn’t great at preserving perishable foods such as meat and milk.

This mini refrigerator weighs 6 kg and measures 46.4X39.6X29.6cm. it can be powered by connecting to a 220-240V mains socket or 12V battery. A 12V car battery adapter is provided.

Mini Fridge With Thermoelectric Cooler By Bar@drinkstuff

Mini Fridges Buying Guide

There are some appliances that every home should have, for instance, a fridge, a combination microwave, and a washer dryer. A mini fridge, like a small table top freezer, would be an ideal option due to its small size. It ensures that your leftover food does not end up in the kitchen bin. You can make as much frozen yoghurt as you can using your yogurt maker with the assurance that it will remain fresh.

To pick the best mini fridge in the market, you will need the right information. And that is what we are about to give you.

What is a mini fridge?

It’s an electrical appliance which keeps perishable foods and beverages cool. It works in the same way as your ordinary fridge, but smaller.

Mini fridge Types

Mini fridges can be categorised based on their size and uses. There are five main categories.

  • Travel mini fridges - designed for use in your car. They’re small in size and highly portable.
  • Cube mini fridges - small highly portable units. They’re the most common type and are usually inexpensive.
  • Mid size mini fridges - slightly larger to the cube size type. They usually have a freezer and more storage compartments.
  • Counter high mini fridges - the largest category. They’re also the most expensive type.
  • Finally drinks only mini fridges - a wide category that can be a cube mini or travel mini. However, its designed for keeping drinks cool or warm.

What To Consider When Buying A Mini Fridge

Mini fridge size

The size of the mini fridge is composed of both its overall dimensions and its capacity in litres. You should also consider its weight if you intend to use it as a travel mini fridge.

Cooling system

Today, thermoelectric cooling systems are increasingly becoming popular due to their low noise output and energy efficiency. However, they’re not very efficient at maintaining very low temperatures which makes them unsuitable for storing perishable foods.

stocked up mini fridge


Being electrical appliances, mini fridges need to be connected to a power source. If you want a mini fridge you can use at home as well as while travelling, you’ll need one compatible with 12V and 240V compatibility.

Mini Fridge Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do mini fridges keep food cold enough?

A. Some mini fridges can't keep food cold enough due to their inability to hold consistent temperature for a long time. But they work just fine for beverages and quickly consumed items.

Q. What is the smallest refrigerator available?

A. The smallest cube-shaped mini fridge available is 17 inches wide, 18 7/8 inches deep and 20 1/2 inches tall.

Q. How long do mini refrigerators last?

A. Mini refrigerators last for 14 years on an average. Although some models may last only 10 years, the life expectancy of your refrigerator depends on how well you care for it.

Q. What should I keep in my mini fridge?

A. You should keep quickly consumed items like cheese, beverages, left over pizza, chocolate, fruits and water in your mini fridge.

Q. Can I store meat in a mini fridge?

A. You can store meat in a mini fridge as long as the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Ultimately, meat can keep up to two days in mini fridges.

Q. Do mini fridges take a lot of electricity?

A. Mini fridges do not take a lot of electricity compared to standard-sized refrigerators do. While the annual operating cost of a 4.4 cubic-foot mini fridge is £22, a larger 20.6 cubic-foot refrigerator costs £40 annually.

Q. What sizes do mini fridges come in?

A. Mini fridges come in different sizes, some of which are:

  1. The smallest cube-shaped mini fridge is 17 inches wide, 18 7/8 inches deep and 20 1/2 inches tall.
  2. A larger 4.5 cubic-foot model is 19 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 43 inches tall.

Q. Do mini fridges make noise?

A. Mini fridges make a small amount of noise due to the fans at their back. Therefore, it's not advisable to place a mini fridge by your bedside.

Q. Why would a mini fridge leak?

A. A mini fridge would leak if there is a clogged and freezing defrost drain. Once the defrost drain freezes, the defrosted water will overflow the drain and drip to the bottom compartment. When the water accumulates, it leaks onto the floor.

Q. Can you plug a mini fridge into a regular outlet?

A. You can plug a mini fridge into a regular outlet as mini fridges have regular sized electrical cords which plugs into electrical outlets.

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