A Review Of The 5 Best Mini Fridges In 2018

Updated April 2018

Mini refrigerators are a cheap and space saving alternative to traditional refrigerators. They come in handy when you want to keep food and beverages cool in your small apartment, dorm or even car. If you’re searching for a good mini fridge, this short guide has the information you need to know about these appliances. We’ve also reviewed the top 5 mini fridges on the market today.

Overview Of The 5 Best Mini Fridges In 2018

The Top 5 Mini Refrigerators Reviewed In Depth

This mini fridge from bar@drinkstuff has a 15 litre capacity and will hold up to 6 cans of your favourite soda or beer. It’s a thermoelectric cooler and warmer with a cooling range of between 12⁰C below ambient temperature to a minimum of 5⁰C. The thermoelectric cooler is quiet and energy efficient. However, it isn’t great at preserving perishable foods such as meat and milk. This mini refrigerator weighs 6 kg and measures 46.4X39.6X29.6cm. it can be powered by connecting to a 220-240V mains socket or 12V battery. A 12V car battery adapter is provided.

The RHCLRF17B table top cooler is one of the popular mini bar fridge models on the market today. It has a large 17 litre capacity which offers abundant space to store food and drinks. It has a temperature range of between 5⁰C and 15⁰C based on a 25⁰C ambient temperature. This mini fridge has an adjustable thermostat which gives you control over the prevailing temperatures within the unit.

The RHCLRF17B table top cooler measures 46.6X43.6X39.4 cm and weighs 8kg. Its interior has a removable wire rack which makes it easy to organise items stored within. It also comes fitted with adjustable feet which make it easy to place the fridge on different surfaces. This fridge can only be connected to a 220V to 240V mains socket and is A+ energy efficiency rated.

One of the cheapest mini fridges on the market today, the IceQ deluxe portable mini fridge has a 15 litre capacity which is enough to store a few canned drinks in your mini bar or car. It has a 30.5X27X41 cm body that weighs 3.9 kg. Its body comes in a deluxe matt red finish and has a see through frosted Perspex window and removable shelf. It also has an easy carry handle for transportation.

This mini fridge has a thermoelectric cooling system. This ensures that it offers ultra quiet operation and is energy efficient. Its cooling system is capable of producing temperatures up to 20⁰C below ambient temperature. It can be powered by 240V mains socket or 12V battery via the provided car cigarette lighter socket.​

Another mini bar fridge from bar@drinkstuff, the ChillQuiet is an energy efficient appliance that comes in a compact design. It measures 46.6X43X40cm and weighs 8kg. It features a lockable door and removable shelf.

The ChillQuiet counter top mini fridge offers a temperature range of between 18⁰C and 5⁰C based on an ambient temperature of 25⁰C. This is achieved by the extra quiet thermoelectric cooling system. One feature that makes this counter top mini fridge stand out is its energy efficiency. It Energy Efficiency rated class B and consumes just 0.39KWh/24h. This mini refrigerator can only be powered from the mains socket. The 3 pin plug isn’t provided with your order.

If you’re looking for a cheap mini fridge for your kitchen, office or bedroom, the Caldura 17 litre compact mini fridge is worth considering. Measuring 38.5X34X41.5 cm and weighing 8kg, this compact appliance will fit snugly on most counter tops. It has a removable shelf and 1 shelf in the door to maximise on storage space.

The Caldura 17 litre compact mini fridge comes with a variable thermostat with a temperature range of between 5⁰C to 10⁰C. It’s also capable of providing temperatures up to 20⁰C below ambient temperature. This mini refrigerator will operate on 240V power and has a wattage rating of 40W.​


All of the mini fridges reviewed are good in their own regard. However, the Caldura mini fridge comes out on top. Its one of the cheapest mini fridges in the UK that consumers are buying frequently. Its 17 litre capacity ensures that you can chill many items at once. In addition, it’s an energy efficient unit that will keep your energy bills low. Compared to other 17 litre and 15 litre mini fridges, it’s considerably quieter and offers a lower cooling temperature. You can find the product here.

A Guide To Mini Fridges

What is a mini fridge?

It’s an electrical appliance which keeps perishable foods and beverages cool. It works in the same way as your ordinary fridge, but smaller.


Mini fridges can be categorised based on their size and uses. There are five main categories.

  • Travel mini fridges - designed for use in your car. They’re small in size and highly portable.
  • Cube mini fridges - small highly portable units. They’re the most common type and are usually inexpensive.
  • Mid size mini fridges - slightly larger to the cube size type. They usually have a freezer and more storage compartments.
  • Counter high mini fridges - the largest category. They’re also the most expensive type.
  • Finally drinks only mini fridges - a wide category that can be a cube mini or travel mini. However, its designed for keeping drinks cool or warm.

What To Consider When Buying A Mini Fridge

Mini fridge size

The size of the mini fridge is composed of both its overall dimensions and its capacity in litres. You should also consider its weight if you intend to use it as a travel mini fridge.

Cooling system

Today, thermoelectric cooling systems are increasingly becoming popular due to their low noise output and energy efficiency. However, they’re not very efficient at maintaining very low temperatures which makes them unsuitable for storing perishable foods.


Being electrical appliances, mini fridges need to be connected to a power source. If you want a mini fridge you can use at home as well as while travelling, you’ll need one compatible with 12V and 240V compatibility.

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