The 5 Best Mini Dehumidifiers In 2017 Reviewed

Updated November 2017

Do you have trouble keeping the humidity in your room under your control?

Are you looking for a way to deal with this problem without breaking the bank?

The best solution can be your next purchase: A Mini Dehumidifier.

They are so portable that you can install them anywhere in your home – whether it’s on your desk, kitchen countertop, bedroom, they work great. The beauty of the mini dehumidifier is that it uses less power and requires a small budget to maintain.

And when you buy one of the mini dehumidifiers we review below, they won’t deprive you of sleep because they operate quietly.

Overview Of The 5 Best Mini Dehumidifiers In 2017

The 5 Best Mini Dehumidifiers Reviewed

Dihl Mini Portable Air Dehumidifier


This compact dehumidifier measures 31X18.4X16 cm and weighs 1.3 kg. Its compact and lightweight design makes it one of the best mini air dehumidifiers for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or even vehicle. It has a tank capacity of 500ml. Once the tank is filled, the unit will automatically shut off. The Dihl air dehumidifier will draw between 250ml and 300ml of moisture every 24 hours depending on the room size, relative humidity and prevailing temperatures. This means you’ll need to empty its water tank every 48 hours or so. This unit has a wattage rating of 60 watts and has an average power consumption of 1kWh per day. It requires a 12 volt power source with a mains and car adapter provided for home and car use respectively. The Dihl air dehumidifier is rated at about 50dB noise output and comes with a 12 month warranty. It’s recommended that you use it in spaces not exceeding 3m² to get the best results.


  • Compact and lightweight design is suitable for small spaces
  • Low noise output makes it great for various spaces within your home or office
  • A modest 250ml to 300ml moisture removal will keep small spaces fresh and cool
  • Comes with car adapter for use inside your vehicle


  • The dehumidifier tends to warm up after continuous use in very humid and warm rooms
  • Water tray fills up fast meaning you’ll spend a lot of time emptying it


The Pro Breeze dehumidifier measures 40.8X31.2X21.2 cm and weighs 2.6 kg. Its a bit larger compared to other mini dehumidifiers on this list. It compensates for the larger and heavier build by having a 1500ml water tray. This ensures that you don’t spend most of your time emptying the unit. It features an LED indicator and automatically shuts off when the water tray is full. It also has a moisture removal rating of 500ml each day. That’s double what many smaller units have to offer making it one of the best bathroom dehumidifier models on the market today.

This air dehumidifier uses thermo-electric cooling which is quieter compared to compressors. It’s also more energy efficient. This high capacity air dehumidifier is ideal for use in medium size spaces such as bedrooms, garages and caravans.

The Pro Breeze 1500ml air dehumidifier has a wattage rating of 60W. Despite its size and efficiency, its power consumption is within the same range as smaller less efficient dehumidifiers. It runs on 12 volts power sources. A DC adapter is provided for this purpose.


  • Lightweight and compact design is highly portable
  • Large water tray doesn’t require regular emptying
  • Effectively removes moisture from air in medium size spaces
  • Thermo-electric cooling system is quiet and energy efficient


  • Draining the water tank is a bit complicated as it involves unplugging a rubber seal


If you’re looking for the best cheap dehumidifiers for home use, the Duronic DH05 portable air dehumidifiers is worth considering. It’s a compact mini air dehumidifier that measures 22X15.4X13 cm and weighs 1.2 kg. It comes in a stylish black plastic body that saves on space.

This mini dehumidifier has a 500ml water tank with visible water level. The unit will automatically switch off and switch on an LED indicator when the water tank is full to prevent water spillage. It has a daily moisture removal capacity of 250ml. Despite it’s seemingly small size and moisture removal capacity, this dehumidifier is a small workhorse effectively freshening air in spaces as large as 15m². This makes it one of the best small dehumidifiers for the bedroom on the market today. It also has a washable filter which allows you to avoid spending more money on new filters in the near future.

The dehumidifier operates on 9 volts of power. A DC adapter is provided to connect to your mains. It’s also rated at 22.5 watts. This ensures that this dehumidifier doesn’t consume a lot of electricity even if left running for the whole day. The Duronic DH05 dehumidifier comes with 2 years warranty.


  • Compact and lightweight design saves on space and is highly portable
  • Ultra quiet operation makes it a good investment for bedroom, office and bathroom use
  • Low power consumption keeps your energy bills low
  • Effective in freshening air in large spaces of up to 15m²
  • 2 years warranty protects you against repairs and replacement costs


  • Doesn’t include car adapter making it unsuitable for use on vehicles


This is yet another compact air dehumidifier that features in many review articles online. It comes in a compact 15.4X13X22 cm black plastic body and weighs 1.4 kg. This compact build saves on space and makes it easy to carry around.

The VonHaus compact mini portable air dehumidifier has a daily moisture removal rating of 250ml. It can effectively remove moisture from air in rooms of up to 15m² in size. It comes fitted with a 500ml capacity water tank with a see through window that enables you know the water level at a glance. Once the tank is full, this unit will automatically shut off and turn on an LED indicator light prompting you to empty it.

This mini dehumidifier runs on 9 volt power. A DC adapter is provided to connect it to your mains sockets. It has a wattage rating of 22.5W. This is lower than many competing units and ensures that you don’t have to spend a lot on monthly electricity bills. It has a thermoelectric Peltier module air cooling system that’s quieter and more energy efficient compared to compressor cooling systems used in most portable dehumidifiers. This probably is one of the best low cost dehumidifiers around and comes with free 2 year extended warranty.


  • Lightweight and compact design is space saving and highly portable
  • Small air dehumidifier that will freshen air inside rooms of up to 15m²
  • Low noise operation makes it a good choice for bedroom and small office spaces
  • Energy efficient unit keeps electricity bills low


  • The dehumidifier’s transformer tends to heat up when its left running for long periods


Another small and compact unit, the Puremate PM 468 mini dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture from air in a variety of rooms in an efficient and safe way. It comes in a compact 16X13X22 cm black plastic body. This compact design saves on space especially if you’re using it in small spaces such as closets.

The PM 468 weighs 1.2 kg making it a highly portable unit. It has a 500ml water tank. Once full, the dehumidifier automatically shuts off. It also comes fitted with an LED light which turns on when the water tank is full. Depending on relative humidity, temperature and the size of the room the dehumidifier is used in, it can remove as much as 250ml of water each day.

This compact dehumidifier uses thermo-electric cooling to remove moisture from air. This technology is quieter and more energy efficient compared to compressors. It also includes an ultra quiet whisper technology fan that ensures low noise operation.

It’s a 9 volt dehumidifier with a DC power adapter provided. It’s rated at 22.5 watts which makes it one of the most energy efficient mini dehumidifiers on the market today.


  • Compact, lightweight and modern design saves on space and is highly portable
  • Thermo-electric cooling system is low noise and energy efficient
  • Low wattage rating ensures that your energy bills remain low


  • This dehumidifier is only efficient in small rooms


All of the mini dehumidifiers we’ve reviewed have their unique features which make them stand out. However, if placed side by side, the Pro Breeze 1500ml dehumidifier proves the best dehumidifier for your money. It’s fairly priced and has a large capacity water tank as well as removes more moisture from the air per day compared to the other units. Compared to the other units it’s slightly bigger, however doesn’t affect portability or space efficiency. Despite its size, it’s also quite energy efficient and easy to maintain in the long run. You can view the product here.

A Mini Guide To Dehumidifiers And Their Uses

Dehumidifiers are electronic appliances that draw in warm and humid air, cool it to remove moisture content and then release it back into the environment. They are used to condition air making it cooler and removing excess moisture.

Types Of Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers can be classified according to how they work and their size. With regard to classification according to size, you have mini, medium size and whole house dehumidifiers. Mini dehumidifiers are small appliances weighing a few kilograms and are designed for use in small spaces. These are the types of dehumidifiers we cover in our reviews. Medium size dehumidifiers are larger than the minis. They’re designed for use in slightly larger rooms. Some of these also act as air purifiers and feature air filtration systems. Whole house dehumidifiers are large units which are usually installed outside the house. They’re connected to networks of ventilation systems which branch out to the different rooms in the house. They usually work by blowing in cool air into the rooms and drawing out warm humid air.

Now let’s have a look at the classification by how the dehumidifier works.

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

These have a fan which draws warm humid air into the dehumidifier. A refrigeration method such as a compressor or thermo-electric cooling cools a metal plate upon which the warm air is driven. The cooling metal plate draws moisture from the air which is then released into the environment.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

These dehumidifiers use a chemical such as silica gel attached to a rotating wheel. As humid air passes through the desiccant, moisture is drawn from it. As the wheel continues to rotate, the moisture within the desiccant is drawn and drained out of the unit by passing the desiccant through warm air. These types of dehumidifiers are usually smaller compared to refrigerant types and usually make the best quiet dehumidifier.

Ventilation Dehumidifiers

These make the best home dehumidifiers, they are quiet and inexpensive to operate. They usually operate by heat exchange where cool fresh air is drawn into the house, displacing warm humid air.

What To Consider Buying A Mini Dehumidifier

Mini dehumidifiers are designed for use in single spaces such as the bathroom or a car. They’re highly portable and easy to operate. If you’re looking for the best compact dehumidifier, here are some considerations to make.


With regard to mini dehumidifiers, size might mean two things. First, it means the dimensions of the unit. If you’re limited on space, a smaller dehumidifier is recommended. The second meaning of size is its volume capacity. That is, how much water the collection tank will hold before it needs to be emptied.

Daily moisture removal rate

The better economical dehumidifiers will usually remove between 200ml and 500ml of moisture from the air every 24 hours. The amount of moisture removed will however, depend on relative humidity and prevailing temperatures.

Noise output

Mini dehumidifiers are usually designed for rooms such as the bathroom, bedroom or even office. You’ll want a unit with quiet operation.

Power consumption

Mini dehumidifiers usually operate on a 12 or 9 volt power source. This however isn’t really important. The rating you should really be looking at is the wattage rating. A higher wattage rating means you’ll end up paying higher electricity bills.

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