Methods of Removing Creases From Clothes?

Creases are annoying and ironing is somehow tiring. That being said, everyone could surely use a life hack for removing creases from clothes without necessarily having to take out the iron box.

Truth be told, there are tons of ways one can get rid of the annoying creases from clothes in a jiffy. However, the noticeable creases can be quite a pain in the neck until you use a steam generator iron to do the job. 

In this article, we shall cover some of the most common and practical ways of removing creases from clothes without necessarily using an iron box.

The following are the various crease-removing methods you can use without an iron box:

1.Flat-ironing the shirt collar

The flat iron can be a great piece of equipment for removing small creases from the shirt collar or the blouse. However, a flat iron can have a build-up of other materials that can easily leave behind dirty stains on your fabric. To avoid this, ensure you inspect the surface of the flat iron for any residue before using it. Another thing you need to observe is the temperature settings of the flat iron. You do not want to burn your beautiful blouse or shirt collar just because you are in a hurry. Remember; cotton fabrics require high heat settings and low heat does it better for silk materials.

2.Use a blow drier

I know most of you didn’t know this but the blow drier, the one used to dry hair, can be used to remove creases from your clothes. Clever, right? Well, now you know. However, it’s not that easy because you have to be precise with the positioning of the blow drier for it to be effective. Ensure that the machine is about two inches away from your fabric. Too close to the fabric could result in burins that could ruin your garment and you don’t want that, right? All you want is the noticeable crease to go away.

3.Steaming clothes in the shower

The steam that is generated in the shower is actually enough to get rid of some the annoying creases from your clothes. So, do not underestimate it. The next time you are going to the shower and you have a bunch of creased garments, just carry them with you and before you get down to the business, hung them on the shower rod and I promise you that by the time you are done with your showering, the creases will be no more.

4.Using teapot steam

Did you know that the steam from boiling water in a teapot can actually remove creases from clothes? Well, it can. However, the creases have to be pretty small because this kind of steam is not quite powerful. Hold the concentrated steam 12 inches away from your creased fabric and wait for a couple of minutes. Just make sure the water is free of any additives like tea or coffee because this can potentially harm your clothes.

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As you can see, the crease-removing business is not entirely for the iron box. There are lots of alternatives out there. What this means is that you have no excuse whatsoever to walk out of your house with a creased fabric. Just do something about it. Try a flat iron, a teapot steam, a blow drier or the shower’s steam. All these are alternatives that will help you avoid using the iron box. We know how tiring it can get to use the iron box and that is why we bring you all these life hacks. Try them out and let us know how it goes.

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