Is A treadmill or Cross Trainer Better for Weight Loss?


The science behind losing weight is burning calories. Both of these cardio machines help to burn calories in your body. However, the question arises as to which one burns more calories than the other and the answer is simple. It depends on the intensity of your exercise and your body weight. It is, however, a question of your preferences because there is no certain way to determine the uniform statistics that point or highlight the superiority of one over the other. Arguments have been raised in the past about the effectiveness of the treadmill in weight loss exercises. The main argument is that the elliptical trainer is less effective because of the fact that it accompanies you in your movements thereby accounting for some of the efforts you put into the workout.

Although the treadmill requires a hundred percent of your effort during the workout session, it may present some hindrances that would easily discourage you to adhere to a strict workout routine. For instance, if you want the treadmill to burn the exact same number of calories as the elliptical trainer when used for same level intensity training, you may have to incline it further for you to engage all the necessary muscles. This is never the case with the elliptical trainer and for that reason, it is safe to say that the elliptical trainer is the winner in this comparison.

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Reasons why the Elliptical Trainer is More Effective than the Treadmill

The first reason -

The elliptical trainer is a better cardio machine for weight loss workouts is that it burns a lot more calories in a short time than the treadmill. For you to achieve the results of an elliptical trainer using a treadmill, there are several things you need to do that would inconvenience your workout in one way or another. For instance, you may have to incline the treadmill so that it sits in a less flexible way.

The second reason -

why the elliptical trainer is better than the treadmill is that you can target specific muscles during an interval training. Some of the target muscles for a weight loss workout include the buttocks, thighs, and arms among others. If you want to target, say the muscles in the thigh region, all you have to do is increase the resistance of the machine. This means that the elliptical trainer is an ideal full body toner for weight loss programs.


the treadmill is less accessible than the elliptical trainer in terms of ease of use and handling. An effective weight loss machine is the one that allows you to access it with great ease. This is because it helps to reduce the handling effort so that you can focus much of the energy on exercising.

In conclusion, although both the treadmill and the elliptical trainer are effective cardio machines for weight loss exercises, the latter is better than the former because it is faster, muscle-specific and easy to access. If you are now sold on getting a one, find the best cross trainer here.

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