How Well Do Electric Pressure Washers Work?

You’ve probably seen the YouTube videos or the before and after transformations of peoples decking after they have been power washed. But what exactly are pressure washers and how well do they work? Read on to find out all you need to know about electric pressure washers.

How Does A Pressure Washer Work?

So first up, you might be wondering, how does a pressure washer work? It might seem like a complicated machine, but it is actually quite simple. An electric pressure washer simply takes normal pressure water and accelerates it with a pump through a hose at extremely high pressure with a trigger gun at the end. By the time the water reaches the end of the trigger gun the water has been pressurized at about 100 or 200 times the pressure of normal air that we breathe.

What Can You Use Them For?

Now you know how they work, you might be thinking about how you can use one in your day to day life. An electric pressure washer can be used to accomplish a whole range of tasks.


If the winter weather has your outdoor decking looking a little bit worn and maybe even a bit mossy, you can easily spruce it up with a powerful pressure washer.

decking power washer


It is probably a long time since you really cleaned those paving slabs and by now they might have a weed or two poking between them. This is where an electric pressure washer comes in, as it can easily clean not only the paving slabs themselves but also the space between them.


If your house has a wooden exterior, you can also easily clean it with a pressure washer. Quicker, easier and safer than climbing on a ladder to do it by hand, an electric pressure washer gives you some control and helps you clean quickly.

Garden Furniture

After a long winter or a particularly wet summer, garden furniture can be left looking a little bit sad. Enter the pressure washer that can easily transform your patio furniture from tired to sparkling new.


You can even use the electric pressure washer to clean your car. The steam of water, whilst highly pressurized can be used to blast the dirt off your car without leaving a dent.

car pressure washer

Are They Effective?

All that remains, is to answer the final question, are they effective? Well, they work to clear dirt quickly and effectively. They are also extremely easy to use and the electric pressure washer is also a really quiet machine, making it ideal for at home use. These low maintenance machines, that can easily clean a whole range of furniture and outdoor items, will quickly become part of your cleaning routine.

If you have been convinced that an electric pressure washer is what you need then take a look at our review of best pressure washer.

About the Author Harry Thompson

Gaining a BSc Honours in building/ property maintenance at the University of Portsmouth Harry went into the field of renovating properties. Along the journey, he has developed a wide variety of home & garden DIY skills such as installing new kitchens and landscaping gardens.