How to Use Built-In Ovens?

how to use Built-In OvensBefore the ovens gained popularity, they were known and used for reheating purposes. Nowadays they are used for making delicious meals in a very short period. The oven has become one of the most important kitchen appliances used worldwide.

It has functions of cooking, grilling and baking all in one which makes it suitable to have in your kitchen. More often than not we opt to have a built-in oven in the kitchen. Ovens bring out the best result in your cooking. We need to have the knowledge of operating a built-in oven to make the cooking process simple.

Know the basics

Whether you are using a gas or electric oven, you first have to read the instructions that are in the manual that comes with the oven. This will let you know the basics and understand them. You will know how and when to turn it on and off and also how to move the racks in the oven. You can practice by removing the racks and putting them back in the oven. What you are cooking will determine how you adjust the racks. Normally, you turn the temperature knob on the oven to set the heat needed for your cooking.

Monitor the temperature

Use an oven thermometer when temperatures tend to fluctuate even after setting the specific temperature. The light in the oven aids in monitoring the temperature. Constantly opening the oven door during the cooking process causes the heat loss hence reducing the temperature.

Place the items centrally

The middle of your oven tends to get little to no heat fluctuations during the cooking process. This allows the food to cook evenly in the electric built-in oven.

Move the trays around

You can find that there are parts of the food you are preparing have not cooked. This is because of fluctuation of heat in a gas oven. Some areas heat up and others remain cold or uncooked. Rotating the trays while cooking ensures that the food is cooked evenly.

Steam addition

When using an electric built-in oven, sometime the rising process of the food you are baking may seem slow. This is because of the dried up oven. Add a cup of water to a pan and place it at the bottom of the oven. This will aid in generating steam. Alternately, you can spray some water into the oven.

Choose the right cookware

Different cookware brings different results. You want your food to have a brown coating, you can select a metal bake ware for use in the process. But if you don’t want your food to turn brown, a silicone product or glass will prevent this.


Most ovens come with the self-cleaning option. Read the manual on how to turn on the self-cleaning mode. The process starts when the oven locks itself for about two hours, just to clean.

You can clean the removable racks yourself if the oven does not have a self-cleaning option. Baking soda does a great job with cleaning the sides of your oven.

After reading this article, you will know just how to operate the built-in oven.

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