How to Use A Milk Frother?

When visiting the local coffee house, you will always see luxurious lattes and creamy cappuccinos that seem hard to achieve on your own. The look is pleasant to the eye and the taste is out of this world. Well, there is good news for you. You can make your own lattes and cappuccinos with the same technique as baristas in the coffee houses using a milk frother at home. A milk frother is used in many ways to add rich, velvety texture to your drink to enhance the flavor. Fortunately, the modern milk frothers available are affordable (find them here), and easy to use and clean. Below are the steps to follow in learning how to use a milk frother like a pro.

Step 1: Understand the parts of your frother

A milk frother that is automatic consists of a carafe with a lid and a heating unit that plugs into the wall. The carafe normally sits on the heating unit and on it, you find marked maximum fill lines for the frothed and warmed milk. There are also whisk attachments which are used differently to either create warm, frothed and milk with no foam.

Step 2: Get the milk

Always buy fresh milk to be used in the frother. This is good for your frother to easily produce bubbles needed. Milk that is closer to the expiry date contains more glycerol (a natural compound that reduces the bubbles in the frothed milk). Also, skim milk holds foam better at room temperature. You can use this if you are new to this.

Step 3: Put the milk in the carafe

Fill the milk in the carafe until its 1/3 of the volume. This ensures enough space for the frothing process to happen freely.

Step 4: Cool the milk in the carafe

Place the milk in the refrigerator to chill it if at all it wasn’t in the refrigerator when you bought it. Let it sit there for 30 days and then remove it from there after it has achieved the right coolness.

Step 5: Manually frothing

Using the plunger and lid, cover the carafe tightly to avoid any milk from getting out. This is important so as to avoid any mess as you froth. Hold the lid with one hand and use the other to pump the plunger continuously for about a minute or so. You can do this vigorously and with a little more strength to build foam faster.

Remove the lid off the carafe and swirl the carafe in a circular motion. This will remove the extra-large air bubbles and the foam will finally settle. The milk has been frothed and ready for heating and serving.

Step 6: Using an electric frother

Here, just make sure the head of the wand is submerged in the milk and turn it on at high speed. Whip the foam as you swirl the wand in a circular motion for 30 seconds till you see the bubbles forming. Switch to an up and down motion and ensure the head of the wand is beneath the surface of the milk to avoid possible messes. This will cause the milk to produce more foam. After this, switch off the wand. Your milk is ready to be microwaved and served.

Step 7: Automatic milk frother

Just as the name suggests, all you have to do is pour the right amount of milk in the carafe and press some buttons to let the frother do the rest for you.

There are different types of milk frothers available on the market that you can purchase to help you at home. Whichever you have, following the steps above will guide you through making the perfect frothed milk to use for your lattes and cappuccinos.

About the Author Harry Thompson

Gaining a BSc Honours in building/ property maintenance at the University of Portsmouth Harry went into the field of renovating properties. Along the journey, he has developed a wide variety of home & garden DIY skills such as installing new kitchens and landscaping gardens.