How to Use a Combination Microwave Oven?

how to use a combi microwaveDo you enjoy fast cooking? An ordinary microwave oven does a good fast cooking. What is even faster is having an oven that has more than one cooking option. A combination microwave oven is the one that allows the user to explore more cooking options in one versatile unit, thus, making the cooking process fast and easy. If you don’t already have one, you can find the best combination microwave here.

It works the same as the ordinary microwave just that it has the ability to microwave and grill. A combination microwave uses either convection or radiation heat for the process of cooking or warming food.

Step one:

Having read the manual that comes with the oven, make sure you have the right microwave-compatible containers before you put it in the oven. Heat-resistant glass is advisable when using the combination setting. Place your food or drink in the oven then close the oven door.

Step two:

Select the setting you want to use in the oven. You have to specify whether you want to use the convection heat, radiation or both. If you choose the convection setting, set the temperature required for the process. Approximately 30% of the energy will be used throughout the cooking process.

Step three: 

When using the combination cooking settings, preheat the oven and check the temperature inside the oven. Most of these ovens have a thermal gauge that allows you to know the temperature inside the oven. A Buzzer will sound when the temperature set for the convection cooking matches with the thermal gauge.

Step four: 

Set the time you need for your cooking on the timer setting on the oven. If you have the digital display enter the amount of time needed on the number pad provided. Ovens with analogue timer display, set the dial to the cooking time you need. Some combination microwave ovens can be programmed to timed cooking cycles like after defrosting frozen food with the microwave then cook it with the convection setting.

Step five: 

Press the start button to begin the process of cooking or heating.  After the set time is over, an alarm sound will beep to alert you when the food is ready. Use kitchen gloves to hold the pan or glass containing the food or drink. Check whether it has cooked to your satisfaction. If not, you can put it back in the oven until you are satisfied with the cooking results.

When done, go back to turning off each cooking settings and set the temperature back to 0.

Just like that you have made yourself a perfect meal or drink using a combination microwave oven.

About the Author Harry Thompson

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