How to Take Care of Your Mini Fridge

There are some appliances you can’t live without, but you just find it difficult to live with them. Unfortunately, your mini fridge is part of this crew. If you are a college student, you know how hard it is to find a perfect location for your mini fridge in your small 12-ft. by 16-ft. dorm room. What if you are used to mother’s well stocked refrigerator which is usually stacked full of your personal favorites, snacks, and other edibles?

And the thought of not having your mini fridge – to at least enjoy some of those things you might miss from being away from home – makes you feel uneasy. Well, in this article, you will learn some useful tips to maintain your appliance and make it especially useful for you out of home. But if you need to get one first, check out our mini fridge reviews.

One of the useful steps towards maintaining your refrigerator is to ensure it is not under direct sunlight or any source of heat. This means it should be far away from your hot water heater or furnace. And if there is a freezer compartment on your fridge, you want to keep it away from unheated areas where the temperature may go below 60o F. The cooler temperature in this area will trick the compressor on the machine to think everywhere is cool and therefore it may work less, thus reducing frozen capability to keep food from spoilage.

Make sure your mini fridge is placed on even surface area and make sure it does not lean to a side. If your refrigerator has a thermostat that you can manipulate, then put it at a medium-cold setting when you first put it on. Doing this means you don’t immediately freeze food. You can always adjust the temperature level to suit the food you have in the refrigerator later on.

Make sure the food in your refrigerator is widely spaced and that the machine itself is not over crowded. When it’s crowded, the cold air might be prevented from circulating evenly. Enough space will ensure that the air is spread across board and all your items stays chilled.

You don’t need to clean the inside of your refrigerator daily or weekly; you can make it a monthly thing. With a baking soda solution and a damp cloth to clean the surfaces, you can have something sparkly clean every time you are done with cleaning. When cleaning, make sure you wipe the surface from top to bottom and ensure that all the shelves receive proper wiping too. The outside of the mini fridge can be cleaned every week. For maximum result, use the recommended cleaner by your appliance manufacturer.

Aim to have your mini fridge smell fresh always. This involves having a cleaning goal setup such as a routine cleanup once a week. Always check for the expiry date of your milk, meat, fruits and other items of the same nature.

Hack: fill a juice glass about half full with baking soda and place it behind the mini fridge. This will help you absorb odors and keep the machine smelling fresh. Make sure you remove perishable foods on a weekly basic and allow zero tolerance for leftovers that can spoil the fresh smell of your refrigerator. When you have spills, wipe it up quickly and never procrastinate in this department. Leaving it for a few more minutes before you clean it may transfer it to other foods which may lead to odor.

Warning: don’t close the door of your mini fridge if it hasn’t been cleaned and dried thoroughly. If you do this, you are giving room for mildew to grow inside. Ensure that you don’t leave perishable goods for a long time in your appliance. It may not get spoilt in the meantime, but it might create some marks or even odors giving you extra cleaning to do.


For proper management of perishable foods, use a see-through container. Another way to quickly identify perishable foods is to label your food. Also if you can, indicate the date of preparation. This will enable you to know with a quick glance whether certain food has perished or not. With this, you will easily identify foods that have perished and throw them out as is appropriate. Some experts have stated that you don’t need to turn off your mini-fridge when it’s time to clean it. If you can’t wrap your head around this, you should turn it off since it is better to be safe than sorry.

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