How to Stop Bread Sticking to a Sandwich Toaster?

How To Stop Bread Sticking To A Sandwich ToasterHaving a sandwich toaster has its advantages. You can quickly fix yourself a sandwich anytime you want. However, some people find it difficult ensuring that while making the sandwich it does not stick on the hot plates of the sandwich toaster. If you are a beginner in sandwich making, you often struggle with the idea that the sandwich will stick. This can discourage you from making a sandwich and leave the task to someone else or not make the sandwich at all. In this article, we are going to tell you things you need to do to avoid the sandwich from sticking to the plates. When you follow each step keenly, sticking can be the last thing you will be worrying about when you make a sandwich.

I believe when you go through the instructions from the manufacturers you can get to know how to prevent sandwiches from sticking on the plates. The following are things to do to prevent the bread from sticking to a sandwich toaster.

Things to do to prevent the bread from sticking to a sandwich toaster.

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    Season the plates before you use them for the first time. Even if you are not intending to use it at the time, apply a light amount of olive oil or sunflower oil. This gives the plates a nonstick coating. Season it regularly to maintain the nonstick coating layer. This activity takes about 15-30 minutes to achieve the right plate seasoning.
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    When you want to use the sandwich toaster, brush the plates with cooking oil before switching it on. You can spray a little sunflower oil all around the plates when they heat up.
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    Prepare your slice of bread and you can brush a small amount of olive oil on both sides. Although this method results in high fat in the sandwich, it is effective for preventing the bread from sticking.
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    Butter the bread on both sides as you desire. Make sure you are using the right spreads for your bread. For example, low fat butter spreads have high water retention. This causes the bread to stick on the plates when you toast it in the sandwich toaster. To avoid this, you can simply try more olive oil if you are avoiding a lot of fat intake.
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    When you have followed the steps to the latter, you will not have your sandwiches sticking on the plates of your sandwich toaster. If in rare cases you try this but the sandwich still sticks, do not use a metal spoon to scrape out the sticking. This will damage the nonstick coating that your sandwich toaster has thereby causing more sandwiches to stick in future. Instead use a wooden stick to gently remove the sticking off the plates.

Cleaning the sandwich toaster

How you clean your sandwich toaster will determine how your sandwiches come out.  The best way to clean the sandwich toaster is by using a soft moist kitchen towel. Place the cloth on the plates and wait for a minute. The steam from the dampened cloth loosens any stickings on the plates to make wiping easy. Do it gently to avoid damaging the nonstick coating.

Do not use any detergents for they tend to remove the oily coating that makes the sandwich not to stick. Once you are done cleaning it with the cloth, turn it upside down and shake off any moisture that remains after cleaning.

Tip: always clean the sandwich toaster when it is still hot. This way the sandwich sticking will easily be removed.

After you clean the toaster in the ways discussed above, you can make the best sandwiches without them sticking. And if you still haven't got one, check out our reviews here

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