How to Ride a Hoverboard

You have read our best Hoverboard review and found your dream Hoverboard. You now have something to play with or simply help you go to work or exercise quickly.

But, do you know how to ride a Hoverboard? If not, don't fret. It isn't as difficult as most people think. Granted, it doesn’t give you as much control as you would on a bicycle for instance.

But with a little digging, you should be set up in a short period of time. With this guide and some practice, you should be ready to ride your new ride.

Get on the Hoverboard

Before you attempt to ride it, make sure your board is fully charged since you can't learn to ride in a dead scooter, right? Now, turn on your scooter with the LED lights facing forward and place it in front of you.

Honestly, the debate about whether a scooter has front and back which should face forward is baseless. What is most important is that you do what you want to do without wasting too much time. That said, make sure to choose beginner/easy module on your ride if it has variety of riding modes. This will help you get started without much hassle.

Now put your dominant foot on the board, preferably your right leg. Then with that leg, put the scooter in a level riding position. Most of the modern scooters will spring on a light once your leg is balance on them. If you bought one of the newest models, you should expect to see this.

Without thinking too much about it, lift the other leg and place it on the scooter. Just imagine stepping on a lift for the first time. Be calm about it.If you don't think you can do this while standing free, you can do it beside a wall or pull a stand to yourself, so you can hold on to it.

This is definitely not needed because the Hoverboard is programmed to balance you out once you have both feet on the surface of the board. Ensure that both legs are placed closely to the sides of the board, leaving enough space between your legs.

This should give you a good stance and help you ride steadily. Keeping the legs too close may throw you off balance while riding.

Move the Hoverboard

When you have your two legs balanced on the scooter, you are ready to ride. Moving your board is pretty easy, but don't be surprised that there is a learning curve. However, the entire thing is based around a simple concept: shifting or adjusting your weight. You move forward by leaning forward or backward by leaning backward. It is a simple as that.

You may jiggle and move unsteadily in your first ride. That's perfectly normal. Remember riding a scooter is a striped down version of a bicycle.You can only understand the concept by working at it. And that means lots of practice. Once you have tried a few times, you should be riding steadily in a short time. All you need is practice and dedication and you will be alright.

Turn around the Hoverboard

Turning around your Hoverboard is simple too, but that needs to be mastered. Each side of the board is independent so twisting is possible for both sides. To turn around, you first balance yourself on the scooter.

To turn to your left, push forward your right leg. And to turn left, push the left leg forward.

The pressure from the push is what causes the spin. Since this is just the abstract representation of what you can achieve, you need to actually practice before you fully understand.

Spinning is a skill that comes soon after you have mastered your riding. So, ensure you are good with that before trying out spinning moves. And when you are ready, begin with slow movements. Engage in small twirls and turns. When you master that, it will be easy to get into quick turns. It can add a lot more fun to your ride once you get good at it.


It is important to use your skills wisely and not engage in dangerous moves that may lead to an accident. Also, ensure you ride in areas that are not too crowded.

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