Guide to Drying Delicate Clothes At Home

Consider How You Dry Your Clothes

The way you dry your clothes at home can sometimes determine what kind of detergent you choose. Sometimes, you are restricted in what you can use and at other times, you can choose from an abundant supply.

While many people still use dryers, a lot of people are siding with a rotary washing line. When you choose clotheslines over dryers, you can reduce fire risks. 

Moreover, clotheslines can help you increase winter humidity. You can use an indoor rack for drying your clothes during winter and this will add to the humidity level inside the home during the dry air of the winter weather.

However, dryers also have their advantages, if you can afford them and maintain them. They allow you to multitask and often reduces the amount of time you spend washing your clothes. Moreover, you can easily monitor the progress of your clothes while doing other things on the side. The only downside is that they are often more expensive.

Because of the popularity of clotheslines, especially the rotary clothesline, it is important that you learn about the different types available. This will help you make the plunge when you finally decide to dry your delicate clothes outside.

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Types Of Clothesline Available

There are four different types of clotheslines. They are rotary (fixed and folding), folding frames, retractable, and portable clotheslines. Each of these have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the most out of these types of clotheslines, you should consider their strengths, weaknesses, and their applications.

Fixed Rotary Clothesline

Fixed Rotary Clotheslines are the old fashioned clotheslines, popular in Australia and usually have durable lifespan. Fixed rotary clotheslines comes in different heights and generally fall between 40 and 60 metres. They are made from galvanised steel, galvanised wire, aluminium fixtures and are built for long lasting usage. If you like the look of these, check out our rotary washing line reviews.


  • They can hold large loads of clothing
  • They have a shorter drying time
  • There is ample space between lines
  • Only require little maintenance
  • Can withstand heavy usage


  • Could take up ample space - not suitable for small areas
  • More expensive than other models and not aesthetically pleasing
  • Difficult to install

Folding Rotary Clothesline

The Folding Rotary Clothesline is known as the modern day rotary hoist and is more popular than the fixed rotary model because of its versatility and the decreasing backyard size in most households. This model is also well suited for those looking for long lasting structure as it made from PVC Polycord and plastic fixtures, fittings and gearing, galvanised and powdered coated steel. Moreover, the line height usually fall between 32 and 56 inches.

folding rotary clothesline


  • You can deconstruct and fold it up when not in use
  • It can hold large clothing like queen size sheet
  • Plastic fittings, fixtures, and polycord are UV treated


  • The space between line is closer compared to other models
  • Requires maintenance than the traditional hoist models

Folding Frame Clothesline

This type of clothesline often come in different sizes and the length of the line can be from 7 metres to 36 metres. It usually have a folding, steel and frame with lines running parallel to the front bar and can be mounted on brick or masonry walls or as a ground mount kit. It is made from high quality powder coated and galvanised steel.


  • Comes in different colors and can be used for winter drying or indoor clothesline
  • Unlike rotary clotheslines, they are generally less obstructive
  • More cost effective than other types
  • Can be used in narrow spaces between house and fence
  • There are variety of sizes to suit different requirements


  • There is less hanging space
  • The lines are closer than in other models
  • Takes longer for clothes to dry and there is possibly quicker tension of lines

Retractable Clotheslines

The last model on our list is the retractable clothes lines with line length up to 50 metres. They are similar to a cabinet and can be mounted to a wall or post with series of line extended to a receiving bracket which is mounted to another wall. You can store it away when not in use.


  • Little space is needed especially when retracted
  • Can have up to 50 metres of line length
  • Can be mounted indoor, garage, outdoor, or balconies
  • Regular retraction of lines keep them clean


  • Leads to longer drying time
  • There are limited color to choose from

Why Choose Air Dry Over Your Dryer?

When you use your dryer to dry your clothes, you are using heat and this can be hard damaging to delicate clothes. Your dryer is also harder on elastic and can eventually lead to its failure. Remember there are delicate laces and appliques on your delicate clothes; they can come off easily during a drying cycle. And if you are using a power dryer, it can stretch and tangle your tights and hoses.



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