How to Diagnose Problems With Your Mini Oven

Diagnose Problems of Mini Oven

Sometimes you realise that the mini oven you bought at dear cost starts to operate in a manner that’s not so ordinary, it’s at such times that you need to establish the cause of such malfunctions.

When the oven doesn’t function properly, it can be hazardous to your family. Besides, a mini oven that doesn’t work well lowers efficiency thus consuming the time that you would otherwise used in other activities.

The problem that many electronic users have is the fact that they find it difficult to detect the real problem. This article will guide you on key areas that will enable you to diagnose the problems related to your fancy oven with ease.

1. Check the Power Supply

It’s a cardinal rule to switch the electrical appliances off before you conduct any operation since they use massive electrical power that can bring harm or even be fatal to your life. The genesis of the problem of your mini oven could be coming as a result of no power supply thus causing non-functional.

The sockets on the walls where you fuse the oven always have light indicators so it’s paramount to see if the indicator works or not. However, a socket might be working even when the indicator doesn’t work, so you can confirm the activity of the socket by trying multiple electrical appliances such as water kettle, iron box, or even a refrigerator. In case you find out that other appliances are receiving power save for the mini oven, it will confirm to you that the baking device has an inner problem that doesn’t connect with power supply.

2. Scan for the Terminal Block

This is a perilous activity so you are advised to ensure that the power supply is OFF as you embark on it. The location of the terminal block is always at the back of the oven and you can always find it by trailing the cable that gets into the oven before you remove the screws around the section.

We advise that you ensure the cables are held firmly by the screws as loose cables have tendency of causing burning of food and resulting to other damages. Make sure that you asses if there are signs of burns at the section where cables are linking with the screws, and if that’s the case, replace the cables with the new ones and make them as tight as possible.

3. Examine the Noisy Fans

The ovens have two types of fans that are fitted in different areas.

The circulation fan is found at the middle of the panel back while cooling fan is located at the top section of the appliance.

 If the fans are producing abnormal noise then, BEAWARE that the bearings on the motor are worn out. The best way to solve the issue with the noise is to replace the faulty motor with a relevant fan motor.

Final Words

Even the mini ovens help us cook with ease; they often get exhausted especially when we fail to maintain them. It’s important to use the USER’s manual in all the undertakings with the appliances and in case you lost the manual then you need to download the relevant one. If you establish that the problem is beyond the manuals, you need to seek the intervention of a qualified electrician.

Failing the above, you might decide you just want another one. In that case, check out our best mini oven article here.

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