How to Cook Chips In A Halogen Oven?

Halogen ovens are widely known for producing healthy meals and energy efficient compared to the conventional ovens. Cooking with a halogen oven produces brown and crispy food which is preferred by most people. You can bake, grill, roast steam, barbecue or remove water from food without necessarily preheating it. Therefore, it is safe to say that the food made in the halogen oven is a lot faster, safer and easier to make.

It has been proven that chips made in a halogen oven taste better than the ones from a deep fryer. Here, we are going to show you different ways to cooking chips in a halogen oven.

Parboil the potatoes

In this method, you have to start parboiling the potatoes first before you cook them in a halogen oven. During this process, you have to be very keen so as not to overdo the boiling. It is important for the potato slices to be in one piece or else you will have poor results in the end. After boiling the slices, dry them with a paper towel to remove the excess water acquired during the parboiling. Using your preferred oil, spray the dried potato slices and then place them in the halogen oven. Following the instructions on the halogen oven, set the time and temperature and wait.

Low to high temperature

In this method, there is no need to parboil the potatoes. Here, the oil is used as the main medium of cooking. First, cut the potatoes into small even slices. Then, using your preferred cooking oil, coat the slices evenly then place them on the rack in the halogen oven. You are probably thinking that maybe the chips will not fully cook in the inside. What you need to do to avoid that problem is to first the set the temperature to about 300F and let the chips cook to achieve softness. Once the chips are soft, set the temperature to about 400F then cook until the chips are golden brown. This process takes up a lot of oil to do the cooking in low temperature which is quite the downside of using it.

Using high temperature only

First, cut the potatoes into small pieces then coat the chips with a small amount of oil. Place the slices in the halogen oven leaving small spaces between them. Set the temperature to 400F and let them cook for like 15 minutes. At the end of the time, the chips will have cooked and achieved the golden brown crust. This method uses a little amount of oil and the high temperature prevents the oil soaking into the chips.

Frozen chips

The good thing about this type of chips is that they come with instructions on the package. There is no much work needed here, just place the frozen chips in the halogen oven and cook using the temperature and time indicated on the package.

The Air fryer attachment method

This type of cooking is enabled in the modern halogen oven which comes with several attachments, the air fryer being one of them. The cooking is so much similar to the first method on this article just that the chips come out crispier.

There are many different ways to having homemade chips that are mouthwatering and easy to make. The aforementioned methods will help you in making chips the way you desire. Having a halogen oven to make your chips is the easiest, healthiest and fastest way to achieving great tasting chips. Therefore, try investing in one to get the benefits.

About the Author Harry Thompson

Gaining a BSc Honours in building/ property maintenance at the University of Portsmouth Harry went into the field of renovating properties. Along the journey, he has developed a wide variety of home & garden DIY skills such as installing new kitchens and landscaping gardens.