How To Cook A Jacket Potato In A Combination Microwave Oven?

A jacket potato, or baked potato is one of the many ways that people enjoy potato meals these days. There are various ways that one can come up with this meal and the combination microwave oven method is just one of them.

Given its high speeds and efficiency in cooking, the combination microwave oven is definitely the right candidate for a jacket potato.

As such, this article is going to share with you the procedure to be followed when using the combination microwave oven to cook a jacket potato.


The combination microwave provides a very efficient cooking method to cook your meals in the shortest time imaginable. But before we get down to the actual cooking method, it is important that we go through the things you need to remember in order to come up with the best and the perfect jacket potato.

 First, make sure your potato is washed well to remove all forms of dirt that may be stuck on the surface. Secondly, season the potato with a generous amount of pepper and salt. Another important thing to remember is to poke the potato a couple of times before you bake it. Also, make sure that you protect your potato from unnecessary exposure. You can do this by using either aluminum foil or a layer of olive oil. A consideration of these points will guarantee you a perfect jacket potato that will give your taste buds the deserved satisfaction.

Cooking method

Cooking the jacket potato using this method produces one the best results as is evidenced by the taste and appearance of the final meal. The method lets you achieve faster cooking while at the same time giving you a crispy jacket potato that tastes great.

The first thing you out to do before anything else is heat the oven until it achieves high temperatures of 4250F. Once you have ascertained that the oven has been preheat to this temperature, clean the potatoes and then poke them a couple of times. Now insert the washed and poked potatoes in the microwave and let the cook for around five minutes after which you should remove them with the use of a towel or oven mitt. The towel or oven mitt will be helpful as it will prevent the hot potatoes from burning your hands while you are removing them from the microwave.

 At this point, you need to allow the potato to cool enough for you to be able handle it with your bare hands. Once it has cooled and you have confirmed that you can handle it with your hands, season the potato with salt and pepper then use olive oil to cover it. Once you have done this, put it in either a baking rack or a cookie sheet and insert it back into the oven then bake it for 10 to 20 minutes. Once this time is over, poke the potato again with a knife or fork and confirm that it can penetrate all the way to the middle of the potato. If the fork easily enters the potato with no resistance at all, then it means your baked potato is ready to serve.

Using a combination microwave oven is a great way of cooking jacket potatoes if you want the best cooking results. The method is just quick enough to save you the time you would spend in the kitchen fixing a jacket potato. Also, the cooking results are quite impressive given that both the taste and the appearance are great for your taste buds. 

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