How to Clean Your Built-in Oven?

If you love cooking, you definitely have an oven in your kitchen. The built-in oven makes cooking easy and smooth. You do not have to worry about moving your oven around. You also do not have to be bothered about space because with a built-in oven, you have a compact oven where you can have all your cooking done. If you don't have one yet, check out our built in oven reviews.

Cooking is fun especially if you are creative and you have enough recipes to work with. After all the cooking, you need to clean up and that is where the nightmare comes in. Washing up and scrubbing your built-in oven can be a tough job and very tasking to achieve.

To keep your oven in top shape and perfect working condition, it is vital to constantly clean and maintain your built-in oven. To help you in cleaning up your oven, the following tips will be of great help.

Tips to Clean Your Built-in Oven

Create Your Personal Cleaner

You can save a lot of money and time by creating your personal oven cleaner. All you need is a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. This solution is very effective in cutting through grime and grease. Just rub the mixture on the oven and leave it for about thirty minutes and wipe off. You can also add citrus juice or essential oils to the solution to get rid of more stubborn stains and nasty smells.

Make the Hob Shine

You can make the ceramic hob shine by sprinkling baking soda and drops of water on the hob before wiping off with a soft fabric.

To clean the steel burners, you can leave them in an enclosed plastic bag overnight with few drops of bleach and water.

Wipe them off and rinse in warm soapy water the following morning.

Clean With Steamed Lemon Juice

If you have stubborn grease you need to get rid of, start the preparation the night before the actual cleaning. Fill up a heatproof bowl with some water and drops of lemon juice. Warm it up in your oven and leave it to steam all through the night at a low temperature. This process will soften the tough patches of dirt and make cleaning easier. You will also be able to scrape off all stubborn stains from your oven.

Clean the Oven Regularly

It is very important that you regularly clean up the built-in oven just like you do for your kitchen work space. After every use, wipe down the exterior of the oven to clean it and keep it free of germs. To keep it in optimal working condition, you should clean the interior of your built-in oven at least once in a month.

Cleaning your built-in oven ensures it is kept in top shape and it also increases its lifespan. As much as possible, do not leave stains and spills on the appliance for long. This can be achieved by cleaning up every stain and spill immediately after cooking.

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