How to Clean A Steam Cleaner?

how to clean steam cleanerSteam cleaners may vary on the outside but they all have the same design that consists of the nozzle, the hose, and the water tank.

For this reason, cleaning it cannot be complicated at all provided you can follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the one that you own.

However, the cleaning procedure may differ depending on whether the steam cleaner that you have is a suction or non-suction one. This article is going to take you through the cleaning procedure for a suction steam cleaner.

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Suction steam cleaners

The first step when cleaning a suction steam cleaner is rinsing the floor nozzle. To do this, pour two cups of water on the floor and suck the water through the nozzle. You can do this as many times as possible until you are satisfied with the cleaning result. If your steam cleaner has a nozzle cleaning tool, because some of them do have it, then slide it back and forth in the nozzle. This will help to remove any debris that may be stuck in the nozzle. Next, put some warm and soapy water in a bucket and use it to clean the unit’s hose. Start by sucking the soapy water from the bucket followed by clean water to rinse it.

Once the hose is clean, hold it in a position that will drain any water that may have sneaked into the water recovery tank. Now, turn off the steam cleaner and then unplug it from the power source. Once you have done that, remove the hose and dry it by airing. The other things that need to be cleaned in a steam cleaner are the attachments. Remove and soak them in soapy water for at least 30 minutes and then wash using a lint-free microfiber piece of fabric. Once you are certain that all the dirt has been washed off, rinse the attachments in hot tap water and air-dry them on a dry towel.

The cleaning process would not be complete without cleaning the water recovery tank. This should be cleaned together with the tank lid and the filter and the process is pretty simple. Just wash out any dirt particles from the bottom of the water recovery tank and then place it together with the lid and the filter in soapy water. Now use a microfiber cloth to clean and then rinse them in hot tap water after which you should air-dry them on a towel.

Now that is all about cleaning the steam cleaner. Cleaning the outside is the last thing to do and it involves using a damp microfiber cloth. Finally, put the components back together and it should be ready for the next use. As you can see, the cleaning process for a steam cleaner is very easy and it can be completed in less than an hour. It is important to clean your steam cleaner on a regular basis because this would help to keep it in great condition for a long period of time.

If however, yours has started to wear out over time and you need a new one, check out our article covering the best handheld steam cleaner.

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