How To Clean A Rug With a Steam Cleaner?

How To Clean A Rug With A Steam CleanerA steam cleaner does a great job at removing dirt and debris that may have accumulated in the fibers of your carpet. Being a fairly simple practice, you are going to get satisfactory results once you are done with the whole process. If you don’t have one yet, you can check out our review of all the latest models here

Before you get down to the actual steam cleaning, you need to conduct a thorough vacuuming of the room. In this article, we are going to share with you the tips for cleaning a carpet using a steam cleaner. The process is pretty straightforward, so, read on.

Step one: Cleaning the Room

This is a very important step in the carpet cleaning process. It is crucial that you have as much floor space in the room as possible and this can only be obtained if you remove furniture and other general clutter from the floor. Once you have cleared everything from the floor, now dust the baseboards and the ceiling. This will prevent the dust accumulated in these spots from falling back onto the carpet after you have cleaned it.

Next, take time to carefully vacuum the entire carpet. This will help to remove large pieces of dirt from the carpet because they cannot be removed by the steam cleaner. If possible, do the vacuuming twice just so you are sure all the debris have been sucked up into the vacuum machine. Vacuuming is also important because it fluffs up the carpet to make it easy for the steam cleaner to work its way deeper into the carpet fibers. If the carpet is tainted by stubborn stains at some spots, remove them using a stain remover.

Step two: Preparing the Steam Cleaner

Preparing the steam cleaner involves filling the boiler with water and detergent if it is allowed. Adding hot water instead of cold will speed up the preparation process because the time it takes to boil will have been reduced. Check with the carpet specifications if it can be cleaned with hot water and detergent because some carpets are actually damaged by hot water. When it comes to adding the detergent, make sure you use the one that has been recommended by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can opt for vinegar instead of detergent because it has some superior cleansing properties. If you decide that you are going to use vinegar, mix it with hot water in equal ratio and add it into the detergent compartment of the steam cleaner.

Step Three: Cleaning the Carpet

The best way to go about cleaning the carpet using the steam cleaner is by starting from a corner. The steam cleaner could be either a pull or a push. If it is the pushing kind, clean a small area in the corner that is opposite the direction of the door leading to the room and then walk along the wall cleaning away from that area. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer when using the machine to get the best results. For instance, whereas some machines are push or pull cleaners, others are a combination of both. Just try as much as possible to avoid walking onto the area that you have already cleaned. To get the best cleaning results, push or pull the steamer in long passes from wall to wall. Avoid using the small back and forth strokes that you usually make with a vacuum cleaner.

Another important thing to remember is to move the machine in slow motions so that the steam can have ample time to work on the dirt in the carpet fibers. If you fail to observe the speed of your strokes, you might realize that the carpet is wetter than expected. This is because the steamer did not have enough time to suck up the water on the carpet.

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