How To Choose a Hammer Drill

Are you looking for the best hammer drill for your next project?

Do you know there are many brands to choose from?

Well, if you are buying for the first time, the sheer number of brands available can confuse you, especially when you are not very familiar with power tools in general and hammer drill in particular.

Therefore, when you are buying a hammer drill, you need to put some factors into consideration if you want to buy the right one. You need to look at different brands and be able to determine which one will fit the nature of work you want to use the tool for.

For this reason, you need a solid foundation on how these tools work, what to look for and how to choose the right one for your project.

Although common at most job sites, hammer drills can be applied to a range of DIY projects. One of the reasons this construction tool is popular among builders is that it combines the power of a hammer in a drill to give you a powerful blend that can work on concrete foundations or brick walls.

With this combination, you will be able to handle an assortment of tasks and complete different projects with your hammer drill.

One advantage when buying this tool is you can shop for it in specialised stores or go online for the best deals. Regardless, no matter where you are shopping for a hammer drill, you need to conduct good research so that you can lay your hands on a brand that not only suits your budget but can help you achieve what you want to use it for.

In this guide, you will learn all that you need to know to select the right tool.

What Is A Hammer Drill?

hammer drill

Unless you are a professional who have handled dozens of projects, you may not really know a lot about hammer drills. In simple terms, it is a revolving drill with hammering function that delivers brief and quick blows to break up concrete, blocks, stones, and wood in order to break them.

It has a rotary mechanism and a rotation movement that brings about a hammer action for wall drilling. And thanks to its increased pressure force, you can use it on concrete materials.

This tool can be used with many other smaller tools like saws, hammers, drivers, to complete different DIY projects. Although there are many other drills available, this one is one of the most used models by builders and contractors.

What To Look For In A Hammer Drill

Anyone can go online and shop for a power tool. In fact, comparing different models of power tools is now very easy especially if you are shopping online. However, going this route may lead to wrong decision and buyer remorse.

Therefore, it is important that you know what to look for in a tool before buying one. Armed with this information, you will be able to narrow your option down to a few. And when you put your budget and preferences into the picture, you will quickly see the model that fills the rest of the gap.



The first thing you have to consider is the price of the tool you are buying. No matter how much you like a particular brand, if the price is more than your budget, you have to strike it out. At a point during your research, you may come across a top-of-the-line, heavy duty hammer drill with a heavy price tag. If it does not fall in the price range you have in mind, you should start looking for another model.

Fortunately, hammer drills are reasonably priced and you should be able to see different models with likable features at different price points. Therefore consider how much you want to save up, how much work you want done and how durable you want the machine to be. This should put you on the right lane.

Additional Features

Don’t get too caught up with the features on one hammer drill. You may end up paying more for a feature you will probably not use. Instead, look at several different models and see which feature will really be useful for you. You might even come across a model that has features you don’t know before hand and that alone may be the deciding factor.

There are also variety of speed choices and specialized handle on different models. For projects that take long period or require lots of drilling, you can choose a brand that features several speed choices or one with specialized handle for convenience when you need to hold the tool for a long time. You should also study the motor power of each brand.

Cordless models are portable and therefore more convenient to use when your job requires lots of motion. They are also compact in size so they can give you the joy of easy storage since they usually take up less space. However, you need to use battery with this model and there is possibility that the battery will run out while you are busy on a project.

Moreover, some brands require special batteries that are only available from the manufacturer. And they are also less powerful than their counterpart. Corded models are more powerful although they take up more space than cordless drills. Corded hammer drills offers high speed and are suitable for tougher jobs.

hammer drill features


When buying a power tool like hammer drill, you need to consider the nature of your project and the period you tend to work most. Do you work in a dark environment? If so, choose one with a LED light to guide you at night. Most drills have volts from 9 to 20 volts with bigger ones having extra volt power. On the average, 7 to 10 volts is good but it all depends on your preferences.

When buying a hammer drill, you can choose between corded and cordless brands. You can buy accessories like chisel, drill bits, chuck key, wood router, blades, sandpapers, and many others to spice up your project.

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