How to Carve using an Electric Carving Knife?

Carving knives are great kitchen tools used to clean and cut through the bigger birds to have even slices of meat.

The knives come in handy especially during thanksgiving to have the whole family enjoy perfectly sliced pieces of turkey. The knife doesn’t tear, shred nor pull the meat thus making the meat cutting process enjoyable. 

Therefore, an electric carving knife will work the trick evenly and perfectly. Using an electric knife requires less effort to make even the thickest bird flesh slices uniform because it clean cuts through the joints. Let’s go through the steps of how you to use the electric carving knife for carving a turkey, for instance.

Step 1: Preparation

In order to start the whole slicing and cutting process, you first have to give the turkey time to cool off, usually about 20 minutes. By doing this, you are reducing the chances of burning with the turkey juices as you carve. It is best to carve the bird in the kitchen on the cutting board. It is less messy.

Step 2: Commence carving the breast part

It is best to start carving the bird from the breast part down the sternum and up to the bottom of the bird. This always gives the best start to achieving great and even slices. The breast and thigh will only separate when you cut through the skin that joins them together carefully. Always remember, the thicker the slices, the longer they stay warmer. Therefore, using your electric carving knife, make thicker slices. They look good when served at the dinner table.

Step 3: The legs

Once you have successfully removed the breast from the bird, you can go straight to the juicy parts of the legs. Most people prefer eating parts of the legs because it is assumed that they taste better than the rest of the parts. Without the electric carving knife, use your hands to pull the legs aside until you disconnect the leg and thigh joints. Take back your knife to continue removing the flesh slices from the dismantled legs. Leave the bones as they are for perfect presentation.

Step 4: Onto the wings

Flip the turkey over and just like with the legs, remove the wings off the turkey with your bare hands then begin slicing through the flesh using the electric carving knife. You will notice a bone as you carve, remember not to saw through it.

Step 5: The thighs

Start by carving the bone out of the thigh with your knife. Ensure that you have removed all the flesh from the bone before getting rid of it. Carve through the thigh and the joint connecting it to the bone carefully to get more meat from the area. Pull the joint apart with your hands to continue carving the thigh. The electric knife carves through the thigh to produce evenly sliced pieces of flesh that are great for presentation. Make sure you get the most slices from the thighs as you have done with the rest of the other parts.

Step 6: The final step

Voila! You have successfully carved your way through the turkey and you have the freshly cut flesh slices right there with you, ready to serve.

Carving turkey is not as hard a task as it seems. All you need is the right tool for the process, in which case is the electric carving knife. Just follow the steps and the knife will perform the work for you. It is always good to have a presentable meal at the dinner table and an electric carving knife never disappoints.

About the Author Catherine Wheeler

Hey, I'm Cath :) Iv'e got two beautiful young girls who mean the world to me. I used to be a head chef over at my local restaurant but I gave that up to look after my girls. I decided to put my culinary experience to use here by bringing that wealth of kitchen related knowledge and sharing it with you guys.