How Much Oil Filled Radiators Cost To Run?

How Much Oil Filled Radiators Cost To RunWhen the environment changes to winter, most people will opt for warmer clothing and keeping indoors taking lots of hot beverages to stay warm.  Oil filled radiators are so efficient in this kind of weather condition.

You should understand that the oil in the radiator does not fuel it but used as a reservoir. You can afford anything you want just as long as you economize on its usage.

The running cost of the oil filled radiator proves that in the ways that are going to be elaborated below.

Do I need professional Aid during Installation?

Once you get the oil filled radiator, you shouldn’t worry about how to install it because the oil in it is concealed and it does not leak, as such, you will not need any professional aid. You simply plug it in and it starts immediately. You can do it yourself cost-free. The energy in the oil filled radiator is absorbed by the diathermic oil. Because of its ability to take in large amounts of heat, it reduces the amount of energy used to power the radiator. Now, the radiator will be running at full power until the oil achieves the temperature required. Once the electric power is turned off, the absorbed heat is released therefore energy is preserved.

Power Consumption

The very important feature of the oil radiator is that it uses electrical power and this is where we should take keen attention to when it comes to the cost of running one.

As we have said above, once the oil radiator is switched on, it consumes more power than usual because it will be operating at full capacity. To know exactly how much energy is consumed, you should compare the maximum power output of the oil filled radiator to the maximum electricity costs incurred.

So if in two hours you want to know how much energy is consumed, let’s say your oil radiator is rated at 2kwh, you will multiply the hours and the power output that’s measured in watts to get the units consumed in that period of time. Like 2KW by 2 hours = 4 units.


All the electric current the oil radiators consume is converted into heat so that it does not operate at full capacity, thus saving electricity. The power used depends on the room size and the temperature. Most of these oil filled radiators are affordable and having one does not really use up a lot, in terms of money and energy.

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