How Much Does it Cost to Boil a Kettle?

The electric kettle is an important appliance back at home. If you look at the things it does in your kitchen, you’d actually realize that life would be a lot harder if you didn’t have it. But, have you ever taken the time to consider the running cost of an electric kettle? I mean, its small and one could easily dismiss it as a negligible consumer of electricity in the house. However, it is actually worth noting that the humble electric kettle as you see it consumes loads of electricity if you look at it from the long-term point of view. 

In this article, we are going to show you how much it costs to boil water in a kettle and with the calculations that we are going to use. We hope that you can use them to appropriately adjust your habits as far as the usage of the electric kettle is concerned.

Cost determinants

The cost of boiling a kettle is dependent on four main factors: its capacity, the power rating, the time of usage and the cost per unit of electricity. Kettles in the market today come in varying capacities with the small ones having a capacity of 1L and the large ones having between 1.8L and 2L. This determines the amount of water you are going to boil in one given time. The appropriate capacity of an electric kettle is dependent on the purpose for which you are buying it. Some people purchase electric kettles to help them in boiling small amounts of water for the preparation of beverages while others prefer boiling large amounts of water in the kettle.

The power rating of an electric kettle is one of the main factors that determines electricity consumption. Most of the kettles on the market have ratings that range between 2000W and 2400W and it is worth noting that the higher the rating the better the performance of the electric kettle. It is also the rating that determines the amount of time it takes for the kettle to boil a certain amount of water. Highly rated kettles take shorter periods than those with low ratings. Also, the amount of water being boiled will directly determine the time it takes to boil. The more the water, the longer it takes to bring it to boil.  Finally the cost per unit will determine the overall cost of running an electric kettle. More often than not, this cost is usually a small amount between 25 and 30 cents.

Calculating the cost of boiling in a kettle

To calculate the cost you are going to incur for boiling in an electric kettle, you are going to use the kettle’s power rating, the time it takes to boil and the cost per unit of electricity. In our example, we are going to assume the cost per unit is 28.7cents. Here’s the calculation:

Amount of water: 1.8L

Power rating: 2400W

Time: 4.25 Minutes

Cost per Unit: 28.7 cents per kWh

Electricity consumed in boiling 1.8L  = 170W

The cost of boiling will be 0.17 x 28.7 = 4.879 cents

This implies that a 1.8L electric kettle with a power rating of 2400W boils water in 4.25 minutes and consumes 4.879 cents. The overall costs of running an electric kettle can be arrived at if you take daily, weekly or monthly tallies. For instance, if you use the kettle 3 times a day, it means your cost per day will be 4.879 cents multiplied by 3, which is approximately 15 cents. Therefore, the cost of boiling a kettle comes down to the habits of usage. The more you use it, the higher the cost of electricity.

About the Author Harry Thompson

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