How Long Does Carpet Underlay Last and How to Maintain It?

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When buying carpet underlay, you are told that it has a life expectancy of up to 25 years, mostly.

You are not sure about that yet because even the sellers at the store haven’t been around for all the 25 years to guarantee that it does happen. Carpet underlay is placed beneath the carpet where it is in direct contact with the ground.

If your carpet has worn out and you feel like it’s time to change it, then imagine the state that the carpet underlay is in, given that it extends the lifespan of the carpet above it up to 30%. Thing is, you will find that the underlay is pretty worn out too and needs replacement.


How long something lasts highly depends on the quality of the material used in its construction and also how often it is in use. The life expectancy of a carpet underlay is determined by these two key factors. Cheap carpet underlays are often made of low-quality materials which are found cheaply. You don’t expect the underlay to give you long years of service, which will be unrealistic. Low-quality materials have a tendency to wear and tear off quickly and before you know it, you have nothing to guard your carpet. A carpet underlay that is made with high-quality material, on the other hand, offers great service and can last up to the 25 years.

​In most cases, there is always a room in every household that is rarely used. When fitting a carpet underlay, the whole house including that room was not left behind. With time, the carpet underlay where most of the activities take place will soon wear out whereas the one in the room that has little to no activity in it looks new. You start to wonder why there is this difference and they were laid down on the same day. The answer is clear; the underlayment in other rooms wore off because there was too much stepping on it that happened which led to it wearing off quicker than the carpet underlay in the room that was rarely used.

Durability of carpet underlay

​The above mentioned are the main factors determining the durability of a carpet underlay. You will start to notice the effects of the underlay underfoot because it is the same spot that offers comfort when the carpet underlay is still young. Feeling flat when you walk over the floor with a carpet underlay is one of the signs that it is wearing out. You will then notice that your carpet will start to look old and worn with lumps and uneven marks of wear. Do not hesitate to remove the carpet together with the underlayment to replace them at once or else, the carpet will tear to reveal, a not-so-good looking carpet underlay.

Maintaining a Carpet Underlay

cleaning maintaining carpet underlay

A carpet underlay in humid areas absorbs the moisture and with time, it will begin to give a foul smell that is associated with dampness. This can be a real disaster if you don’t tend to it with immediate effect. In many cases, drinks spill on the carpet and often the carpet underlay has the potential to lock in the spills and leave nasty stains.

Cleaning out the spills immediately will help reduce dampness in the area and possible stains. For damp areas, use an underlayment that is water-proof. In case you hadn’t done that, you can be vacuuming the area every time you suspect dampness to prevent a build-up of mold.

​In places where there is too much foot tramping experienced, a carpet underlay that is stronger and thicker is ideal to use. And in those places where little activities happen like in the bedroom and study room, a thin padding is fine.


As long as you have knowledge on the best carpet underlay to use for your home, you are guaranteed to use it till the expected time. Therefore, if you are looking for a carpet underlay to serve you for a long time, choose the high-quality one. Not only will it last long and serve you right, but also maintaining it will be easily achievable. If you want tips on the better ones on the market, we have written a guide on this here

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