How Hot Water Dispensers Work?

how hot-Water-Dispenser work

You may want to have a hot beverage fixed and have it fast. Well, having a hot water dispenser in your kitchen or in the office is the quickest way to achieve this. Click here to see the stand out models on the market.

Kettles can be tiring and maybe heavy to lift around when you simply need a cup of water. That’s where a hot water dispenser comes in.

Ever asked yourself what happens when you press the tap to get that cup of hot water from a dispenser? You can get to know this as you read through this article in its entirety. We explain how it works.

What happens in the dispenser?

If the hot water tank dispenser is installed in your house or in an office, the water used comes straight from the main line. It dispenses both hot and cold water. To get hot water, the water passes through activated carbon filters found in the plumbed in water dispenser where it is filtered and conveyed to the heating element. The heating element acts like a conducting wire with high melting point that gets heated up by an electric current.  Here, the water will be heated at around 95 degrees Celsius. This temperature is too high for water-borne bacteria to survive in hence the water does not need further filtration after it has passed through the active carbon filters.

For cold water, the process is not as short as that of the hot water. The process is slightly longer to ensure that the cold water does not have bacteria and unwanted chemicals for safe consumption. The water passes through active carbon filters then into a UV chamber for the purification process. The UV light is capable of destroying the DNA of water-borne micro-organisms that thrive and exceed in number. This ensures that the organisms are removed effectively.

For sparkling water, carbon dioxide is added to the plumbed in water dispenser to create that sparkling effect. When you want either hot, cold or sparkling water, just press the corresponding tap for the water to come out.

Maintenance of the hot water dispenser

Servicing and maintaining hot water dispensers is a sure way to prolong the effective functioning of the unit. The system needs to be cleaned up and the carbon filter replaced once in a while. This will ensure that water-borne bacteria and other internal mechanisms do not build up in the water making it unsafe for drinking.

I believe there is no doubt that you have understood the process of how the hot water dispenser functions once you press the tap to dispense water in your cup.

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