How Do Mini Ovens Work?

how mini oven worksMany people would like to have ovens for heating, baking, drying, and cooking but for some, space is a problem or they are running low on their budget. They opt out of the idea of owning an oven because of such limitations. Well, mini ovens come in different sizes and features so that most people can feel comfortable owning one. The mini oven can be used in place of an inbuilt oven if you don’t have one or when it has broken. It can be carried around to use in cottages or any other places that are away from home to perform the aforementioned functions.

We have two types of mini ovens: the standard one that works by circulating heat inside the oven using natural currents, and the convection oven that uses a fan to circulate the heat. Whichever one you choose, you need to know how it functions. You can find out how they work below, or read our guide on the best models here

How it works

If it is your first time of having the mini oven, carefully unpack it and place it on a flat surface in the kitchen near a plug and in a well-ventilated area in the kitchen. Then wash the inside grill or toasting pan thoroughly before use and dry it up nicely then put it back. Plug in the mini oven to the mains and start it for like three minutes without inserting anything. By doing that you are ensuring that the initial odor goes away before putting food in it.

Features of Mini an Oven

Mini ovens come with three main features which are listed below and their functions

  • Temperature dial: this allows you to set the suitable temperature ranging between 65 and 2300C (standard ranges of a mini oven).
  • The timer dial: when this is turned anti-clockwise, it will run continuously until you can put it off manually. This allows you to set the required time needed to cook. After the programmed time is up, a bell sound will be heard.
  • Function dial: this starts the oven when you are either cooking, baking or roasting. Once you are done, you turn it off.

Once you understand the functions of a mini oven you will find it easier to use. You will also easily find the pans or tins that are compatible with the size of oven that you have. This makes the process easy because the mini ovens come with just one pan and grill when you purchase.

Make sure you read all the instructions that come with the mini oven to avoid common mistakes.

Video explains how Mini Oven works.

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