How do Foot Massagers Work?

how foot massager worksWhen you get home from a tiresome day, you’ve had to walk too much, sat for long hours, or you have just indulged in activities that involved the use of feet, a foot massage would come in handy to relieve you the afterward stress. Getting one helps in recovery and keeps you fit. Aside from making us relax when the muscles of our feet swell up from the day’s activities, a foot massage has a lot of benefits in both physical and mental health.

A foot massager seats on a surface and sends its vibrations deep into the feet muscles when connected to an electric current. The muscles therefore relax due to the painless vibrations on them. How deep the muscles are pressed depends on the kind and size of massager you are using. It works on the muscle to improve mobility of joints in the feet. The relaxation of the knotted muscles causes several benefits that are going to be discussed below.

Advantages of having a foot massager

  • Having a foot massage before getting to bed in the night improves blood circulation in the lower areas of the leg.
  • When you massage the ankle and foot, the strengthening and stretching exercise on the muscles helps in preventing injuries. This is because the ankle and foot have achieved flexibility to avoid injuries in moments of clumsiness
  • A foot rub can help reduce depression and anxiety. When you are receiving a foot rub, the body relaxes thereby putting your mind to rest hence reducing anxiety.
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    In pregnant women, a foot rub reduces the effects of edema. Edema is the swelling of feet due to the fluid retained in them. When you receive a foot massage on a daily basis, the condition can be prevented or reduced because this helps the circulation around the feet reducing any chances of fluid retention.
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    A foot massage also relieves headaches and migraines. Most users with migraine can attest to feeling better after having received a foot rub. They show great improvement after getting reflexology treatments.

These benefits will lead you straight into getting a foot massager to be having such relaxation in the comfort of your home. For medical conditions like plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes), a foot rub is ideal. Doctors recommend foot rub as part of the treatment for most people who have plantar fasciitis. It speeds up the recovery process. By having a foot massager, you can achieve this treatment every day until you get better. It rejuvenates legs and feet and also alleviates the pains in the area. If this has convinced you to take the leap and buy one, we have written a handy review of all the current best models on the market here

More advantages of having a foot massager

  • You can have a foot massage in the comfort of your home as you rest other than going all the way to a spa to achieve this.
  • You can have a foot massage on your own. Many a times we really yearn for a foot rub but there is no one available to help you get it or sometimes the people available do not have the techniques to do it. Well, having a foot massager at your disposal is convenient in such situations.

Video explains how foot massager works.

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