How Can You Get The Best Shave With An Electric Razor

Why Choose An Electric Shaver?

Purchasing an electric shaver can transform the way you shave. They are perfect for men who have sensitive skin, because they tend to be more gentle on skin. They’re good for travellers and people who have limited time as most electric razors are usable without additional shaving cream and water. They last a long time, much longer than the razors and blades required for hand shaving. While they are a considerable investment, electric razors can make a necessary task far more tolerable. Find the best electric shaver here.

How Do You Prepare For Using An Electric Razor?

Some newer electric razors have the ability to be used either wet or dry, but most are designed to work on dry skin. You can get a better shave with dry hair that is free from oils, dirt, or lotions. There are some commercially available products to prepare the skin. Most have an alcohol base and may include moisturizers like Vitamin E which protect the skin from irritation.

electric shaver preparation

How Can You Improve Your Experience Shaving With An Electric Shaver?

Once you’ve prepared the skin, you are ready to begin shaving. The best elimination of hair occurs when you hold the razor at 90 degrees with your face. Using your other hand to pull the skin tight also ensures that the hairs are upright and in the best position for the razor. This also minimises nicks and having to go over the same areas again and again, which can lead to irritation. The strokes you use depend on the type of electric razor: back and forth for foil shavers, and in circular motions for rotary models.

As it’s working, an electric razor will generate some amount of heat. This may be irritating for sensitive areas. To minimize this effect, simply begin shaving the areas of the face/neck that are prone to irritation, and finish with the areas that are relatively more resistant to abrasion.

How Can You Take Care Of An Electric Razor?

how to clean electric shavers

An electric razor requires more care than a disposable or straight razor in order to function properly. They are often sold with cleaning tools and guidelines, which with proper use, extend the life of the razor and result in less problematic shaving. To clean daily, use the provided brush. Tapping the razor to dislodge hair, something regularly done with manual razors, is harmful for the razor and isn’t recommended. The shaving parts will require regular replacement, usually after 1-2 years. Lapsing on replacement is most often the reason people report irritation because they have to press on the skin harder to get a good shave.

Using an electric razor can make shaving easier and more comfortable. Deciding to purchase one can be a wise investment and save you money in the long run. However, actually choosing can present a myriad of options which may be difficult to navigate. 

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